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12 Jul 2010 - 18:4936216
Yo, just to check (not sure if I'm being a muppet!) The one you took additional photos of for Jacobar, is that the blonde "Ken" wig at the bottom?

If it is, and he decides not to take it - I'd like to buy it please

12 Jul 2010 - 19:0936220
Thankyou so much! :3

12 Jul 2010 - 19:1636223
@Delusional - yep! Will keep it on hold for you if he doesn't take it within the next day or two.

12 Jul 2010 - 21:1036229
If still avaliable, I am very tempted to buy the wavy brown wig because I need it for AmeCon.

Do you think it will be possible to style the wig into 2 small buns at the sides? (reference ~ http://www.cosplayisland.com/costume/view/25340

12 Jul 2010 - 23:1336232
@Ichigo-Chan - definitely, the wig has a lot of volume. I had it in two really thick plaits the other week, so it'll work for Sakura.

13 Jul 2010 - 12:1436252
Sent you the money and sent you a pm

13 Jul 2010 - 16:4036267
Interested in the wavy brown wig!

13 Jul 2010 - 16:4436268
Sorry to be a pain to delusional, but i REALLY like the wig! And i may have to buy it >_<, Give me a pm with everything i need to do =P

13 Jul 2010 - 18:4036274
Quote Yuka:
@Ichigo-Chan - definitely, the wig has a lot of volume. I had it in two really thick plaits the other week, so it'll work for Sakura.

Okay, I would like to take it
If you let me know your Paypal address, I will send you the payment (will it be £18 in total?)

13 Jul 2010 - 18:4636275
@Ichigo-Chan - yep, send £18 to my paypal: shini_ chan02 @hotmail.com (remove the spaces)

14 Jul 2010 - 13:3636305
I'm just waiting for PayPal to transfer funds to my bank account so I can go to the post office and send everyone's parcels away! Should hopefully be in the mail by Friday.

I can't believe I'm so poor that I can't even afford to send parcels off TT___TT I literally have £3 in my bank...

14 Jul 2010 - 14:5436308
Could I trouble you for pictures of you wearing the super long deep blue and black wigs? And would the black one work in a ponytail? Thanks.

17 Jul 2010 - 12:2136475
@TheEmoEmu - Sorry for the delay! Here's the pictures:

Long Deep Blue wig:

Black Wig:

The black wig would work in a ponytail yes Will take some styling of course but there's definitely enough hair there to use!

17 Jul 2010 - 21:1836498
Thanks, I'll take them but I have to wait until I get paid for the stuff that I'm selling lol xD

18 Jul 2010 - 11:0736515
@TheEmoEmu - woop! I'll keep them on hold for you then~

18 Jul 2010 - 11:1136516
Thankies ^_^

20 Jul 2010 - 13:3236649
All wigs purchased were sent in the mail yesterday. Sorry for the wait everyone! You should hopefully have your item by the end of the week.

20 Jul 2010 - 20:3136680
I got my wig today. its very good =D Tried to style it but i failed >_< now i need to find what i can use it for XD

Good price and good postage =D thanks alot x

21 Jul 2010 - 13:3136719
My wig stand arrived today 8D I was a bit confused as to how I was meant to put it together but I worked it out in the end XD Thank you very much! ^^

22 Jul 2010 - 15:4836817
do u still have a wig stand left?

22 Jul 2010 - 19:3236861
The wig arrived and it's perfect! 8D thank you!

23 Jul 2010 - 12:2536901
Quote niccypippy mk2:
do u still have a wig stand left?
Sorry, they're all sold out!

I have some styrofoam wig heads left, would you like one?

23 Jul 2010 - 12:4936903
the textured blonde wig looks pretty affordable... considering it but im not sure what i might use it for... (germany sounds interesting but i dunno if id suit it lol)
hmmmm~ decisions decisions XD

edit: after asking a friend, i think id like to get it 83

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23 Jul 2010 - 22:4836954
@nilly - Woop, send £8 via Paypal to shini_chan02 @hotmail.com (without the space) ^^

24 Jul 2010 - 19:5037000
sure thing! :3



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