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08 Jul 2010 - 13:5135918
Hi everyone^^
Hi there,I'm Ice,a cosplayer from Hong Kong^w^

My English is very poor,if you can understand,I'll be very happy XD

I don't have a good looking,but I to anime and cosplay's love is ture(blush)

However,nice to meet you

Hello everyone,I'm Ice.
I'm a chinese from Hong Kong.
Although my English is very poor,I wish I can have a good communication with everyone.
10 Jul 2010 - 08:3336029
Hiya and welcome to the site ^__^

I'm new here too and I'm new to cosplaying.

Your English is pretty good hope you have fun on this site!

03 Aug 2010 - 13:4437815
Hello . Welcome to the site.

03 Aug 2010 - 17:3937857
Hellooooo welcome to the site,
I'll add ^^


أنتقل ليلة مظلمة
الاسود الى ابيض
لكم في الغبار

02 Sep 2010 - 00:3539742
hi ice and welcome to the cosplay island
had a look at your blog,love your cosplay costumes
i hope you fell welcome here,fell free to private message me if you need any help or just to chat

03 Sep 2010 - 18:0939922
Heyy welcome , Your english is very good well done !! ^_^ , Ever need any help or need to ask a question please go ahead

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