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07 Jul 2010 - 23:0335896
Xae's Creatures, Armours and Props.
You might have seen me around...!

If you have any Creature, Armour or Prop needs, i'm always happy to take on commissions.

i have a great deal of experience in casting and "soft" armour construction. i can also produce most props, prosthetics and effect based costume components.

i use a great number of techniques from low-tech paper mache to cutting edge silicones and resins. i'm also an accomplished sculptor, so fine detail items, or pieces of dress jewelery are well within the realms of my abilities.

my most recent works have been in realistic creature costumes, which i will also always consider commissions for.

please take a browse through my galleries, there's a lot excellent examples of all my different techniques there, and thank you for considering commissioning me!

please direct all questions via email at

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