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07 Jul 2010 - 23:0735886
Commission Corner: Please read before use
This section is for members who run commission services to advertise their business, and for members who are looking to have items specifically made for them. For all pre-made/second hand items, please use the generic market place. For all commissioners with a website, we also suggest you add your details to the shops section!

The rules!
1) To sell as a commissioner you must be an active member of this site - to have costumes/photos on your profile and to interact with the community. Any accounts that are set up just to use this section will be deleted without warning.

2) Spamming or bumping is not tolerated, your posts will be deleted and excessive showing of this will result in a warning or ban.

It is not the responsibility of Cosplay Island to monitor every post and we are not involved in the actual transactions between users. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of any of the items bought or sold and you engage in any transactions at your own risk.
Any disputes must be taken up with the member that you are buying from or selling to, at no point will we enter in any legal disputes.

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