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19 Aug 2010 - 17:4838991
Yes very much so. Cosplay inspired me to lose weight in the end so I changed from wearing generic baggy clothing to actually thinking about what I like. So I wear military a lot. My coat for last winter came off my Captain Hans cosplay, simply because it was a nice coat and I paid £80 for it. I was damn well going to use it! XD

19 Aug 2010 - 20:0839000
I actually feel the opposite...I usually like how I look in normal clothes then I put on some cosplays and feel terrible. However if one really makes an impact on me and I do end up loving the look *cough*Alois*cough* then I've been known to adapt it into my everyday wear, unless of course I already find excuses to *cough*Alois*cough*, I've had the same feedback both in cosplay and in regular wear.

Maybe I just suit boring clothes. Ah well I hope to change that, I'm picking out slightly more sexy, feminine cosplays to boost the experiance a bit, maybe even some darker, gothic outfits *cough*Alois*cough*.

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