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07 Jul 2010 - 20:1435876
Cosplay...does is affect the way you dress?
I know a lot of people say that they feel more open in cosplay, that it helps them be themselves, that they can indulge in the fantasy of taking on character traits and effectively role playing.

But here's a question, mostly for girls though if there are guys that wanna make their opinions known then by all means feel free.

Does cosplay make you feel sexy?

I've heard people say cosplay makes them feel secure, cute and cool on occassion but hey does it give you body confidence where you may have issues in normal clothes?

Have you worked your way down to a less than nothing cosplay and found yourself dressing differently in real life? Wearing less or just daring to wear something you thought would never suit you before and now you see yourself in it and think...yeh okay...maybe I don't look half bad after all?


07 Jul 2010 - 20:3435879
Before I started cosplaying I was self conscious unless I was on stage doing drama productions (which in a way was cosplaying) and it has made me more daring and I'm now wearing things that I would never ever ever wear.

Not only that but when I wear cosplays such as Rin from the vocaloids or my Sexy no Jutsu Naruto cosplay I do feel cute because I feel confident in myself.

So in a way cosplay has really helped me with my outfits and also with my confidence so yeah all in all a really great thing that affects the way I dress.

Believe me clothes that double up as cosplay are brilliant especially with primarks being everywhere!

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07 Jul 2010 - 22:4435892
In my hometown and in the area i live, i dress much more "posher" and tend to wear more expensive clothes as i come from an area where you'll get your face smashed in if you look somewhat different. I wear them so i don't draw attention to myself whereas when i'm in areas i don't know, such as London, i'll dress more relaxed, sweatpants and tracksuits etc. So cosplay does affect the way i dress is some way, if you get what i mean

07 Jul 2010 - 23:2735898
Not the way I dress, but it effects how I feel. When I cosplay Cosmos, I felt really good about how I looked and sorta boosted my self confidence knowing I was wearing a dress of a character that was the perfect size and everything, and feeling that I got it as close as possible to it with the time I spent on it, the amount I could spend on it and the amount of experience I actually have.

However, it doesn't effect me in the "real" world so to say. It's just two worlds, and I feel ugly in the real one. There are certain clothes, I suppose, I feel better in than others, but I think it's fit. I know with cosplays (cause I'll usually make mine) that it's made to my measurements, not to what that store/brand/whatever thinks that's what all people x-size looks like.

So, cosplays give me confidence on the day (before - that's a totally different story lol). Probably cause I can make it so it flatters my shape.

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08 Jul 2010 - 10:4335909
Hmm, well, I have 'anime hair', mostly wear t-shirts with game characters or anime/manga characters on them, have a tattoo of Link on my Left arm, and okami style tattoo's on each calf. There are usually always sunglasses, and big headphones... I am a Nerd.

its bizarre though, cuz Im really shy and stuff when it comes to cosplaying. It doesn't matter what costume Im wearing, I just don't really know how to react to loads of nice comments, so I always come off really rude and horrible :/ And I very rarely ever actually talk to people. Due to the whole shyness thing.

I prefer to wear cosplays with masks or helmets (the sunglasses), and and still really body conscious, so prefer to crossplay. Maybe I'll stop being such a tard and get over it eventually.

ALL IN ALL, I think its the opposite for me, in that the way I dress effects the way that I cosplay.

I think.

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08 Jul 2010 - 11:0735911
i would say that i have improved the way i look in cosplay but i wouldn't call myself sexy.

cosplay brings me happyness and confidnece. I think having this makes you more attractive. The attitude makes you sexyer than just the outfit.

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08 Jul 2010 - 11:5735914
For me i dont think it has, i always wear anime or japanese branded clothes or ones with japanese tags on them

But i wouldnt say cosplay does make me feel more sexy all depending which one im potraying i guess, when im piplup people find me more cute and adorable and my cheeks get pinched a lot , however when im gackpoid or sebastain from kuroshitsuji it makes me feel happier because i look slightly more skinnier and better looker so in a way it could be for me =/


08 Jul 2010 - 12:0135915
Since last year I started wearing wigs when I go out sometimes. (Not that my real hair, extremely dyed as it is, doesn't look like a wig already!)

Most people don't realise it's a wig and think I've got amazing hair. XD And if I tell them it's a wig they get very apologetic thinking that I must've lost my hair through illness, lol.

And I learned that being at tourist areas (Parliament Sq, Trafalgar Sq etc) in a wig means tourists will take pictures of me, or demand to take pictures WITH me. It was terribly wtf but also amusing!

08 Jul 2010 - 18:1835935
I guess partially it has affected how I dress... Before I pretty just went with function cos I didnt like myself and so couldnt be bothered to try and improve it, but I will wear nicer stuff now... more than that though it has affected my confidence! I was always depressed about how I looked because I am so heavy/overweight, and I just dont have a build which would go very thin (thinking absolute thinnest if I starve myself maybe size 14?) so I just ignored it, but cosplay has helped me find what suits me and that I can look nice (though still always shocked when I get complimented!)

I have started to diet though, so fingers crossed I will be better off then (and yeah, Im dieting because of cosplay and to be healthier...)

08 Jul 2010 - 21:3235948
Well, maybe. Ever since I noticed cosplay, I have been wearing brighter, more I-am-ANIME! style clothing.
The front of my hair is kind of Yu Gi Oh style flyaway...

...Maybe. I'm not quite sure.

Quote Chikinpoo:
Hmm, well, I have 'anime hair', mostly wear t-shirts with game characters or anime/manga characters on them, have a tattoo of Link on my Left arm, and okami style tattoo's on each calf. There are usually always sunglasses, and big headphones... I am a Nerd.

You sound awesome.

09 Jul 2010 - 00:3435958
Cosplay has been a big influence on the way I dress.

I started cosplaying in 2007 and my first costume was AC: Tifa. My friends can attest to this, I was so nervous. I didn't wear shorts at the time and the idea of wearing a top that showed my tummy was really scary to me, so much so that my friend who made the costume made the shorts more like 3/4 lengths and the jacket longer.

Then over time I started becoming a bit more comfortable. I started making and wearing dresses or costumes with dresses skirts, and I think a really big thing changed when I wore Feena at Amecon '08 where I had my entire midriff exposed. I was in two minds about wearing it cause I was so scared of being laughed at, but I did and I felt good for doing so.

Then the skirts seemed to get shorter and outfits changed. I wore a Sailor fuku, and made Warrior Rikku which was and continues to remain my sexiest costume to date. Wearing it made me feel totally different, really attractive and confident, I have never had that before.

Cosplaying really helped, in a way, to bring me out of my shell. Before I cosplayed I would spend all year wearing jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, trainers, anything that made me as unfeminine as possible. Since I started cosplaying my dress sense has become more girly. I'm less uncomfortable about my gender, and wear dresses, leggings, sandals and ballet pumps, girly clothing that I never would have imagined I'd wear.

I still feel, and probably will always feel more confident in costume because I am able to put across a totally different character; but it has helped me grow in confidence over the last few years.

09 Jul 2010 - 00:4335959
Well with me my normal clothes looks like cosplay anyways so I dont feel any differnt ,My mum says I dress like a clown lol, I have coloured hair all the time which ppl think is a wig....its not.

I get looked at all the time when im out shopping....I love it when little girls stear at you "mummy whys that lady got green hair"

09 Jul 2010 - 03:3435960
It doesn't affect the way i dress at all, i dress completely different from cosplay, i move away from it all. My own style makes me feel more comfortable, though i do feel comfortable wearing my cosplays but doesn't feel the same. So to me Cosplay hasn't affecting any of my clothing styles i already had before it. I still haven't got confidence about my body whatsoever and never will. So i like fully clothed clothing and that is also for cosplay. So pretty much nothing changes for me.

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09 Jul 2010 - 16:4135987
Not really. Before I got into cosplay I was an full scale 80's Goth/new romantic. It take me so long to get ready due to the big hair XD.

I have found that cosplay has gotten me to explore having more colour in my clothing.

I'm more casual than I used to be. I would like to get back into the Gothic look again.

10 Jul 2010 - 20:1636080
Completely, although maybe not 'sexy' but a hell of a lot more confident.
First of all, cosplay got me motivated to loose weight and now I'm a lot fitter, going to the gym and circuit training, and this has built up my confidence looooads.
SO I end up walking around in a visual kei outfits, or shorts/skirts [which I wouldn't be seen dead in before].
I don't know why but cosplayings brought out the more confident me, and so I dress better I guess. I don't care what people think about me, as what's it matter anyway? Now I try more clothing that before I wouldn't think about trying because, it was different to what was 'normal'.
Cosplay's definitely played apart there, due to the mass amounts of weird looks I get whilst cosplaying. xD

Get the occasional days where I'm too lazy to sort out my real hair so I end up walking out in a wig instead, so much easier.

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10 Jul 2010 - 20:2036082
Good question! ermmmz well I wear suits a LOT! so probably not as much as some, but I do wear a lot more "Oh what am I cosplaying? I didnt realise" sorts of things XD Like I will go out as Logan from X-men and Walter from Hellsing and sort of not realise im actually almost in cosplay. But Ive always had an eclectic dress sense so yes and no really ^^

10 Aug 2010 - 15:4338433
Well before I started cosplaying I dressed in things based on comfort and the fact that I didn't want to look like all the mean b*tches at school and the sterotypical female these days, which at the time meant all I'd wear was all baggy stuff making me look more like a guy than a girl which I think is okay for some but at the time didn't make me feel very much like an attractive young woman. I couldn't afford the punk/goth style clothes I adored the design of no matter how much I wanted too so I just made do with what I could find in my price range. And when I could afford them people would try and put me down because of it. It really made a huge hole in my self esteam.

However since I've started Cosplaying I've undergone quite the change. For example what I think is my 'Sexiest' cosplay is also the most extream looking atm with a full skin tight body suit and a wig full of dread locks and cyber punk style falls. I've started to tweek with wearing some items of clothing I wouldn't have two years back which actually make me feel more womanly without having to give myself up to the slave driver of Fashion. I'm still myself but I'm happier knowing that I can make nice looking outfits for myself which people will see and go "I like that" cause I like it too. It's fun, It's different, Cosplay is much like yourself It can be whatever you want it to be and you shouldn't allow ANYONE to tell you otherwise.

They're just petty jealous lil a$$h0le$ if they do anyway LMAO ^.^

It was through people coming up to me in my Cosplay's and saying "You look good!" and "Well done" for making them my sense of self has improved LOADS and I hope that the people who've said that to me over the years know how apreciative I am of their kindness ^.^

10 Aug 2010 - 16:2438437
Cosplay had allowed me to try different styles that are different in my normal everyday life. Before cosplaying I just wore T-shirts, jeans and was rather tomboyish. However, I didnt limit to who to cosplay as to what I would normally wear, I tend to wear skirts in a number of my creations and for a few days added far more colour to my look. I like experimenting with my look as a result.

Today I tend to have a rising number of skirts in my wardrobe. Although I have gotten more feminine/cutesy in my appearance lately I still try to avoid many of the 'over popular' (modern) styles for the sake of individuality. I have discovered that I can make myself quite cute with a little more effort

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10 Aug 2010 - 17:2838444
At this exact moment I'm wearing my Shuichi shirt, does that count as affecting what you wear in the real world? Tbh, not really, I've always worn oversized men's shirts as they're comfy and minimise visibility of my stupid boobs. It's just that this particular shirt has made a crossover from my cosplay shirts into my normal shirts, usually it's my normal shirts that end up being used in cosplays. For example, Shuichi was made out of some old jeans that I cut into shorts, two black tanktops I already had and this shirt. Frequently I find that I somehow accidentally have 90% of a cosplay already in my wardrobe (with a little modification) just because I like those kind of clothes and I have a tendancy to just cut up or dye stuff I've already got if I think it'll work; some of which I will then wear, but only because I was already wearing it anway, just that now its a different colour or its got no sleeves or whatever.

I am not at all comfortable with having cleavage, but I have done a Poison Ivy costume which is very cleavage-licious. I was only confident enough to do this as it was a costume and the wig, make-up and mates dressed as Catwoman and Harley were the only reasons I even had not only my boobs on show, but also my shoulders and upper arms, which I hate, but I love the character and the costume and since it wasn't 'me', I felt confident enough to get away with it. So I think the fact that its a disguise affects my choices as its probably not something I'd wear in real life.

Sometimes I will make a practical decision about which costume to do, like, how many of the individual elements can be reworn as bits of other costumes (black suit, waistcoat, white shirts, shoes, ties, belts, tights/leggings, etc, etc.) or in the real world. However I don't think it really changes what I wear too much, just maybe I'll be wearing green leggings rather than black ones, red shoes instead of brown or a striped shirt instead of a checked one purely becuase I have them for a costume.

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10 Aug 2010 - 19:1338454
I gotta say, that I do feel more comfortable wearing my costumes at conventions, because everyone else is doing it ^^ But if there's a cosplay meet in my local town, I get very self concious unless I'm with a big group of cosplayers.

As for the way I dress, cosplay did indeed inspire my look; like wearing anime merchandise, bags, even make-up. But I'm trying to break out of it a bit. Just so I can keep cosplay as a hobby and not a life style.

11 Aug 2010 - 09:0538499
For me it has been amazing...I have never like what I saw in the mirror and have always tried to sort it out (which Im trying to now and hopefully its helping) but I went to my first con this year as Rinoa Heartilly from FF8 and it felt amazing...I didnt worry on the day what I looked like...I felt confident until I looked at the pics and saw soooo many things wrong lol

But cosplay has helped me with myself and I have made some friends on here which is strange for me as I dont make friends easily so its helped with that too and Im not wearing clothes that dont suit me anymore...I hope lol


11 Aug 2010 - 09:4938504
Not really. The thing that has affected the way I dress though is the japanese fashion I started to look at after getting into cosplay. J rock and punk mostly and some gothic lolita.

I dress pretty laied back anyway, boots over jeans, some sort of top. Pretty much sums it up, but I have been known to don a skirt at times or even a dress! which is a rarity outside of cosplay.

11 Aug 2010 - 11:3038510
I would probably say not at all actually xD

I wear the same clothes I did before I started cosplaying as I do now, which is like, bright stuff v baggy and loose etc.

Cosplay has made me more interested in fabrics, made me better at modifying clothing, gotten me loads of cool friends ^^ etc. but generally it hasn't changed me at all xD except made my life more fun

13 Aug 2010 - 00:5938642
I happen to think I look deeeead sexy in a pair of speedos ;p

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19 Aug 2010 - 08:5738966
lol, I never have this idea. I just select the outfits which belonged to the fave characters. I never mind if it making me nice or bad. So, this is my opinion.

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