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06 Jul 2010 - 22:5935825
So Hi,

At the tender age of 32 im venturing in to the world of cosplay!! LOL.

I've always had an interest in dressing up and anime so its a natural progression. I'll be losing my cherry on the sat at Film and Comic con London 2010.

I've uploaded a couple of ropey pics(better ones to follow), have a look at my first cosplay (soap), id welcome all hints / tips / comments and if you see me bimbleing around the Con come say hi.


07 Jul 2010 - 23:0235895

Im new to the whole cosplay scene too ^_^.
Film and comic con will be my second...and my 1st actual decent costume lol...last 1 was thrown together last min.

Will be good to see a newbie around...Not the only 1 lol.

I shall keep an eye out for you...Ill be Cosplaying Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X. >_<

Hope to see you around

Jen x


10 Jul 2010 - 08:4036030
Hiya! Another new cosplayer here! and welcome to the site!!

I'll try to make an appearance at this years LFCC but not cosplaying hopefully will see you there along with many others from here

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