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04 Jul 2010 - 17:5535682
Straightening Kanekalon Wigs
Ok so ive seen a wig that would be kinda good for my costume...but its slightly curly...not really curly...but a little more curly than wavy lol.
Anyway i need the wig straight and a little flicky and wonderd if it was possible to straighten it...I use GHD straightners so i havnt got a choice of heat setting...its just 1 heat..cant use a lower heat.

So yeah please help me out...im going crazy over this..amount of wigs ive looked at...Already bought 1 but it looked tacky...And ive only got till the 17th to sort out the hair..-_-


04 Jul 2010 - 18:0935685
Hot water bath... Use a bowl and fill it with hot water, not boiling... Place the wig in it and leave...

Take out and drip dry the wig, this should straighten the wig without damaging it. I have done this with wigs I have own or others have own and it does the trick.

If you want it more straightened do a few more hot water treatments til you have the desired affect

hope this helps
Limegreenjelly x

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04 Jul 2010 - 19:5535690
To flick it after, use a hair dryer and a round brush (the ones used for flicking)

Don't put it on a high heat, and do it a bit at a time, cause if you flick it out too much it'll be very difficult to minimize it - sorta like cooking, you can always add a little more if it needs it.

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04 Jul 2010 - 22:3035704
Thanks i shall try that out.

Is it possible to use a little bit of the hairdryer to help straighten it out while its wet? Or will this ruin the hair?


05 Jul 2010 - 08:5835715
I'd let it drip dry, as with the flicking technique I gave you you're actually partially melting the wig fibres. Kanekalon wigs aren't heat resistant (you can get ones with heat resistance to them - up to 200 celcius) so could ruin it. If you do decide to do that, be really careful and try to dry it straight (put something behind it maybe - not to sure tbh)

Ayacon Plans
13 Jul 2010 - 13:3336255
Definitely do not use your GHDs! That will completely destroy the wig fibres!
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But my key tip would be flick it out with a wig pick and then use a wig spray.

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