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02 Jul 2010 - 14:3535559
well, i'm in my final years of high school, so i see myself in five years studying for a graphics qualifications or something, while taking drama

hmm... petrol covered glove...check...matches...check...loss of sanity...check

02 Jul 2010 - 16:1735565

...That's my only plan. Let's hope I get better at it...

02 Jul 2010 - 18:5435577
Quote Leonie Heartilly:

But my main goal in life is to find that special man just for me, settle down in our own house and have kids. Being a house-wife and looking after my family full time would satisfy me and make me happy I think.

Oh and add getting married to that also.

02 Jul 2010 - 19:1235580
I finish my first year of a BTEC Nation Diploma in Art and Design on Friday, back for the second year in September, hopefully..

At the moment, my MAIN plan is to just get a job that will actually give me more than 4 hours a week ¬_¬ stupid Game. Me and my Boyfriend live at my rents house, and we need to move out asap. Once thats outta the way, the plan is..

Finish college

Go to Uni - study either Illustration or Prop design and Development

Get a dog.

Get a 'carreer'

Not starve.


Asha Ketchum.
02 Jul 2010 - 19:3535585
This is an interstng thread.

I've always known what I've wanted to do since the age of 9. I wanted to be an actress (one who has a side part but totally steals the show). I worked hard at it and got to become one at the age of 19 when I was accepted into a local theatre company. I then worked as one from that point. I didn't hit national work until I did my degree in 1998-2003. After I graduated I got to work on shows like 'Brookside' and managed to be put forward for the role of Narcissa for the HP movies (they already had the actress in mind but they liked me). I trained as a stunt person as well and got to work on some great theatre shows. I was with an agent until very recently.

It wasn't easy and you do have to be very thick skinned for it. I was happy with what I got to do.

I then had a heart attack three days before my 30th birthday.

I then have had to retire from acting as my body hasn't been able to cope with the long hours you do have to put in.

I'm now working on becoming an artist (I hope to design a character that people wil want to cosplay ). It won't be easy but thankfully with the acting career I have been prepped for it.

I've never really had any romatic plans. They kind of happen when they do and I'm happy when they do happen. I've manily been single. Now that I'm in my mid 30's it would be nice to meet someone but its not my main goal.

02 Jul 2010 - 20:0135590
its an odd thing to say, but its intresting to see what people are studying...
me being kinda closed minded would think most people into cosplay , anime manga and all that jazz, would be studying art and animation kinda things, so its intresting to see that some of you guys wanna study more academic things :3

~smarter than your average idiot!~
02 Jul 2010 - 20:0335591
To move to Los Angeles and work at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.

I'm half way there already YES

My God. Its full of stars
02 Jul 2010 - 20:2635594
Quote Sands:
To move to Los Angeles and work at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.

I'm half way there already YES

WOOT!!! You go hun

02 Jul 2010 - 21:0035596
I've just finished my BTEC in Games Development and I'm going on to a uni course for the same thing. I've sort of realised that I don't have any real strong points within this course and I'm definitely not one of the best people there either, so I really doubt that I'm actually going to end up in the industry.

But that course really has changed me, for the better. I'm really unsure what I really want to do with my life, but I'm now more confident and much happier than I used to be. I'm hoping my uni course is going to be just as good as my BTEC course has been.

I know within the next year, I will have already moved out with friends, which was definitely on the checklist, so I will have accomplished something, at least! I know that within the next five years, I want to have a job. Aside from moving out, that's one of the main things that I'm pressing myself to do.

02 Jul 2010 - 21:0035597
My dream job would be a face character at Disneyland actually. But that will never happen

Nerdy subjects it is, it's more realistic for me

The majority of people taking the Arty subjects is pretty expected from a Cosplay Community actually, but it's interesting to know what kind of Art people want to specialize in. And it's interesting to know other people's ambitions as well, I love reading this kind of stuff ^_^

03 Jul 2010 - 12:3035614
Ive alomost finished my first year of my National BTEC in Games Development (finish on friday). After next year I plan of going to uni to do a degree in games production and hopefully end up as a creative director. I also plan on moving to either Japan or America.

add me on PSN (PSN is Sutitchi, just let me know your from cosplay Island)

03 Jul 2010 - 14:3435617
My dream job is to be working somewhere that I enjoy, being able to support myself and my parents (They've supported me so much) and help out friends and be able to buy people presents all the time! Vague but...

Currently I've just been accepted onto City of Bristol College's Theatrical & Media Make Up course, City of Bristol College's Hair & Media Make Up course, Swindon College's Media Make Up course purely on my portfolio alone before interview. I'm psyched! I hope to attend Swindon.

So I guess I can say I hope for a career in Media Make Up?! It's a dream!

03 Jul 2010 - 15:2735620
I just finished my first year studying a Foundation degree in Multimedia. Im considering in focusing on the animation side to it next year. Whether or not I would like to be in the industry im not too sure, we'll see how things go.

After that I would like to study another language. Possibly either German, Russian or maybe Japanese...Im not sure yet.

Also to find the one for me. Im in no rush at the moment as I have my life ahead.

Alcon 2016

04 Jul 2010 - 12:3735657
Lots of good threads lately I should really sign in more

I think I've always been pretty goal orientated even since I was a kid but to be honest my plans have already changed a lot so far. In fact it's so odd to be enjoying a job I said I'd never do 6 years ago!

Anyway in the last few years I'd written a long list of things I want to do with every aspect of my life.
I'd written it as if I had no limitations, thinking that some might be impossible...but now I can see myself ticking a few of them off in the future.
I really recommend you guys try this, it's like somehow just by writing them down it's got me to have done so many of them already in a short space of time. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and the sad thing is I realised in all the waiting around until I could do something perfectly I must have missed some chances (To be honest if I hadn't said "Screw it, just do it!" I wouldn't have even tried Cosplay).

Early on I figured the thing that would hold me back the most was money, everything else would just be a case of training or practice. I’d always been pretty good at saving money but just leaving it there to earn interest wasn’t going to be enough (Yes ‘Become a Millionaire’ is on the list!) So I took some calculated risks that really started to pay off, I was ready to withdraw all the shares and move to the second part of my plan. But that month they were worth a little less before, I figure wait a month, not knowing it was the start of the credit crunch, I was devastated.
If there was a time to give it up it was now, there was no going back now though I knew that the economy would recover eventually so I kept going. It even got me to apply for a promotion at work I wouldn’t have gone for before and I got it!

Things have actually gone better because of that set back so basically despite going on waaaay too long I’m saying “Grit your teeth and don’t give up guys!”

04 Jul 2010 - 12:4735658
my number one goal is card games on motorcycles that is all XD

well i do other plans for future

partially including cosplay, to be experienced in making them and doing commisions so i can benefit the cosplay society owo

the 2nd thing is to find the perfect girl in my life, i might have found someone in my life that is important right at this moment and i want to keep that forever

the 3rd thing is to get a job, get a university degree in computing or engineering, whichever seems best for me as i love to do either, but whats making me reconsider is my sixth form as im learning nothing from my courses ¬¬ stupid tools we just look at stuff on internet, i want to actually create proper software and get used to them owo

there was a 4th thing but i kinda forgot what that was xD

04 Jul 2010 - 12:5235659
Quote Tiduus227:

there was a 4th thing but i kinda forgot what that was xD

Seeeee? Write them down! LOL

04 Jul 2010 - 13:0235660
This is such a cute thread. Really interesting to read as well.

Seeing as it's an aspirations thread it is still my aspiration to become a novelist...This has been my dream for as long as I can remember and I still can't see myself doing anything else. I've been studying English and Creative writing for 2 years now and will enter my third year in september and...yeah it's still my dream. It's one of the most difficult things to break into not to mention make actual money from but...aha...that's why they're called dreams I guess. ^^;;

Realistically I will obviously need another job and I don't really have any idea what to do...it's quite frightening actually. X.X I'd still love to work with the written word somehow...magazines or something. TBH my uni is pretty shite with giving us career advice. >_>

Otherwise i'll just agree with most and say I want to carry on having fun with my friends and have a family and a big old house in the country with a gigantic library and chocolate swimming pool. 8D

04 Jul 2010 - 16:1835680
Maybe to be an author. I'm already listed on Amazon as part of something in my school! It's not out yet though...

Me on Amazon!

04 Jul 2010 - 18:0135683
Aspiration would be to write, for certain. I love writing. Of ocurse, I mean it in the publish a novel way... I'm not overly keen on being a journalist or anything (I'm not the kind of person who twists the truth to make it mroe interesting); but I know there are other writing careers out there. Who knows? Being a script writer would be fun.

A slightly mroe realistic career I want is something to with photography. I have no idea what I want to do yet, as I still need to find my feet with it. All I know is that it's the only hobby where I manage to seperate the hobby and work side of it correctly (I tried that with art and failed). And it's the hobby I've spent the most money on and enjoyed the most, I don't ever want to stop.

I'd also like to get through my college course (BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design and an A level in English Language and Literature) with merits and distinctions, I need to be a much more motivated person to do that, but I beleive I can do it. I know what I want, I just need to get it ^^

(also I'd love to work for Weta Workshop but YA KNOW...... XD)

04 Jul 2010 - 18:0935684
Ooo, I've always found this tricky. Mostly cuz my goals / aspirations keep changing. x_x

At the minute, I've just finished my first year of BA(Hons) in Fine Art, in uni. Looking forward to the second year.
My tutor's also noticed I'm more into visual communications and illustration, so he's tried signing me up in collaborative projects which do that. I mean, from time to time, I really wish I'd taken a different course -- one that strengthens my abilities. But hey, I'll make do with fine art.

After leaving uni, if I graduate, I've always like the idea of tattooing. Family members have told me it'd be a good job for me, and I love tattoos (and want more. Screw it if it changes my cosplays slightly!); the only difference is my canvas will be the human body. :]

If not a tattooist, then a photographer. The idea of that is slowly growing on me.

We'll see what happens!

04 Jul 2010 - 18:4535688
To be really happy! To make myself happy and others happy too. I've got loads of aspirations like I would love to make and play music, I'm working on that!! Would love to live in japan, whatever it is that I decide I wanna do I just go for it and have some great fun on the way!

08 Jul 2010 - 20:3735942
Wow, this is going to be hard to answer.

From about the age of 8 I became set on being a scientist. I had always loved all of the science experiments and had amassed about 20 different kits.

As soon as I got to secondary and started my GCSE's it has all changed.

I took and engineering diploma along with history and german. I am still not really sure why I took any of those courses but I am enjoying them. I would now like to take engineering on to college along with maths and physics, and then on to university.

History is something which I would like to take as well as an 'escape rope' option if my engineering direction completely fails.

And then there is cosplay! I am going to see if I can take some night courses when I get to college in textiles to develop my skills further. As for making money it would be a dream job. All I can see it being though is doing commissions. I do these at the moment but not on a huge scale.

So, I have loads of different directions which I could go in but my main goals are to be happy, not starve and cosplay! (sorry for the long rambles :/ )


08 Jul 2010 - 21:1335945
I'm currently looking at Uni courses for 2011 start. I wanna study Japanese Studies! ^_^
I'm then hoping to study Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and finally move to Japan and become an English teacher! ^^

If not then my freelance illustrations should come in handy.

08 Jul 2010 - 21:3635950
Im currently working through Fine Art and Teaching hopefully be able to teach at College standard in a few years ^.- its very long term! Me and Fables are eventually moving to Canada so theres lots of oportunity to take a lot of Acting and Voice actiong Auditions

Everyone needs a dream!

10 Jul 2010 - 01:5936025
Ohh I quite like this thread.

I want to be a supreme dictator. XD

In reality my life has always been many dreams been told no.

Every closed opportunity opens another though. lol

I originally wanted to do game design or programming but I was terrible at maths due to my teacher not taking people who learned how to do trig differently into account and my art teacher hated me having too much imagination. So that died. (Odd as I was awesome at computing)

Then when I became a weeb I wanted to study Japanese and International Business, then start trying to get some sort of travelling conference job making money... (nomnomnom money) then it fell flat in it's face with my grade in FRENCH. XD

Because my grades were okay I was able to then quickly get into Aberdeen through clearing. (Who had a space in bloody everything except Law and Medicine because it's so North).

Now I study Politics and International Relations (NO I DO NOT WANT TO BE A POLITICIAN!!!!) which is thankfully the most employable degree out there. I was going to go and do a fast track into the civil service, but we have a Tory government so that's not happening anymore. So I'm lost at what to do with my life. My dream, although it would never happen would be to become the British Ambassador in Japan, or even work in the embassy. But realistically it couldn't really happen.

My plan of action:
1: Finish uni
2: Find love (trololol would need some luck)
3: Try to find a job in Civil Service, MI5, SIS (Come ooon it would be cool a hell and I have a double agent name lets admit it. XD)
4: If that fails look in the private sector. Maybe journalism (I'd like to work for the the BBC), or a pencil pusher in some office. |:
5: If all fails try for the police or Navy/RAF officer.

wow long post... :B

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