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30 Jun 2010 - 09:2735417
Amecon Traveling Sketchbook 2010
The Travelling Sketchpad Rules

Drawing restrictions

You can draw whatever anime related style art, from

• Anime or Manga character/s
• Your Original character/s
• Chibis
• One page comic strip
• A member that you'll see from Amecon
• Ame-chan

Now, here's the restrictions

• No Hentai related art (example: sex scenes)
• Artistic Nude (acceptations: as long as it doesn't show private parts)
• For stickmen drawers; please do your best on avoiding this style or at least give some meat into them as it will go straight in the recycle bin.

Make sure this is draw on A4 sheets of paper ONLY as we’ll be binding them together once we received all the artwork to the week of the con.

Tools to draw

Right, the material you can use to draw will be as follows;
• Pencil
• Letraset markers
• Fine liners
• Colour Pencils
• Water colours (please plan in advance)

The material you cannot use are;
• Markers
• Charcoal
• Paint (all types)

Time limit on drawing

As there’s no book going around, you will have a bit more time to decide what you’ll be drawing. The content will be filled in once I received them in the order they arrive. The last date to send will be on the 6th August. That’s a week away before the convention.

So no more waiting until it arrives, just draw on an A4 sheet of paper and post it.

Posting order

There will be a slight change to how we do this. It will only be sent to one location...me. This can’t be difficult as it’s more reassuring that it will get to Amecon in time for the auction. The address to send to is;

Amecon Travelling Sketchbook
36 Ynys y Gored
Port Talbot
West Glamorgon.
Wales UK
SA13 2EB

Please place you message at the top left hand corner at the back of the A4 artwork you will be sending as follows
• Name (with Badge name)
• Area (example: Swansea, London and so forth)
• Message (example: “Let’s a have a successful con!”)

Well, that's it. If there's any further questions, let me know. Just do your best to draw and think any fun ideas for the drawing, most of all...have fun. ^^v

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