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29 Jun 2010 - 18:5135393
Sunglasses - aka. Making Acrylic Paint look shiny
I'm cosplaying Ema Skye of Phoenix Wright fame and she wears rather specific glasses; pink lenses, white frames.

Now, I found a pair which had pink lenses with pink frames, so I decided to invest and change the frame colour (easier than finding a pair with white frames and changing the lens colour). To do this, I used acrylic paint, and i'll show you the result:

As you can see, the trouble now, is that it's painfully obvious I've painted them, so I was wondering if there was any way to make them look shiny and plastic again.

Thanks in advance =]

rawr =]
29 Jun 2010 - 19:2735394
You could pop the lenses out and get a spray gloss from Model Zone this will gloss it over and generally make it look a lot neater. or even a painted gloss

29 Jun 2010 - 20:5435401
Mix PVA glue with the same paint and paint over it.

29 Jun 2010 - 21:1635403
I find clear nail varnish makes a great varnish for tiny things like that x'D

29 Jun 2010 - 21:2535406
Gloss paint is good, you could actually get varnish for it, but I'd go with the clear nail varnish or the pva glue (I can't back pva totally cause I've never done it) as a cheap alternative.

If you're not confident of popping out the lenses (frankly, my glasses do that easily lol) then you could try covering them to give a neat finish, then un cover when the paint dries - like in those Interal Home design ones.

If you use a softer brush, it may get rid of the lines that are visible - though no doubt that's only beause it's a close up that it can be seen

Ayacon Plans
14 Jul 2010 - 17:2036315
OK, this may be a bit of necroposting (slightly)


I have a tip for you.

Buy yourself some of this:

It is a masking fluid from humbrol, place this over the lenses and they paint the white on, not having to worry about getting in onto the lenses.

If you go with a gloss paint, then obviously you'll get it glossy from being painted, but if you paint in a matt or satin paint, buy some of this:

It's 'ard coat, a gloss varnish made by Games Workshop, used for sealing miniatures, a couple coats will give you a HIGH gloss effect, but one or two will givea nice plastic like sheen

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