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07 Aug 2010 - 20:3438224
Well, I wouldn't say I'm discriminated against, but some of my closest friends shout at me and my other friend for talking about anime/manga/cosplays too much, and not talking enough to them, when the fact is we start anime/etc conversations because they aren't talking to us.

Also, a couple other people in my year, who I suppose would be classed as friends, have been saying things about us cosplaying behind our backs, not wanting us to cosplay to fancy dress parties and such.

It doesn't really bother me all too much though, seeing as I'm used to it by now, having always been considered 'weird' since before I got into anime properly.

07 Aug 2010 - 22:4738228
i used to be in the exact same position as you!
with "friends" who dont understand and dont want to accept that i like this kind of stuff and i dont give a damn about what they think.
my closest friends are anime fans/cosplayers..even my boyfriend xD
but luckily i found some really nice people in my year that are not into anime or this whole culture at all but they accept me for who i am ^^
im glad to have so many different kinds of friends with so many different interests ^^

and now with the public i think cosplay and 'nerdiness' is being more accepted and more people are aware of it so im sure discrimination against us cosplayers will definately tone down ;D

08 Aug 2010 - 14:1938270
Gah if he was your friend he would of stuck by you no matter what, and normally people cant stand us because they dont have the confidence to go out in a costume and not care what other people think, they're jealous, or actually curious but dont wanna let that on

I was at london victoria station with a group of my friends, and one guy came running over screaming we pulled my wig off, it was soooo immature, he had to do all that just to get our attention?

IF you enjoy anime and cosplay, you keep enjoying no matter what response you get, you know in yourself that you love it, accept it, even if others dont! xxx

08 Aug 2010 - 14:3638272
The only time when I felt discriminated against was when I was pre-teen and didn't really know who I was. I got picked on tonnes and got physically and verbally attacked in the first few years of higschool.

But I got into anime, alternative culture and became someone I was happy with and people seemed to respect me. I'd sort of found out who I was and I got some of the boys who sat near me in class into anime by accident XD.

As long as I've been myself and polite people have been really accepting of everything I do! Like having chats with random people about what I'm doing or how I made this/that ect.

So I guess if you have a sunny disposition, confidence and a friendly demeanour people generally respond pretty positively to it ^_^. (There are still general d**k'eds out there ofc but they're mean to everyone lol.)

'You have to get to know her' "She eases up does she?" 'No but you get a better sense of when to duck'
08 Aug 2010 - 17:5938297
Beeeeh I'm used to being the shunned person of society XD I was the girl who everyone knew at school for all the wrong reasons, I wasn't popular, just the girl everyone laughed at behind my back, just cos I'm different and do things my own way

But that was school and although I went through hell sometimes it taught me a lot about who to trust and who to avoid, and now I have a group of friends (and a loving boyfriend) who I love and depend on thanks to cons and cosplay x3 so if anyone thinks I'm weird and I get blanked by anyone I won't care anymore because I can just go to my real friends and have much lols with them

10 Aug 2010 - 19:3838463
Personally, I've been quite lucky. However I did have an old group of friends that didn't understand it XD Good riddens. They lacked style themselves! XD And some pr*ck that gave me abuse on my dA page (I quickly got him banned X'D) And even more so, my mum is always proud of me when she see's me altering or making a new costume, and always wants photos when I get back from a con. But one of my friends parents think it's childish, and that she should just grow out of it, and it's quite sad. But hey, never stop doing what you enjoy! ^^

10 Aug 2010 - 20:2238469
wow yeah...there seems to be a lot of discrimination going around about cosplay...even amongst cosplayers...(flaming other people because they cosplay the same characters as them...or..."oh I did it first"...WHO CARES!?) and I don't understand people who throw abuse at others about it all...to be honest...THATS the childish part (I myself get a lot of abuse over the internet)...people can't accept something just because its different...cosplay is about having fun and escaping reality...people just have different ways of escaping their realities thats all...and thats something cosplayers should be proud of...being creative and imaginative enough to think outside the box and step over the boundaries! I think you guys are all great for what you do! so keep up the great work! all of you! <3 O7O

05 Aug 2011 - 00:1265513
Its not so much nastiness that i get, its more like, friends seem a embarased by me when i get exited about it! Also, my boyfriend isnt a big fan.. he isnt into Anime or Dressing up so he thinks im a bit odd, especially now that im getting more involved and going to Expo's ect...I will get him in a costume one day.

05 Aug 2011 - 16:1565554
This one happened a long time ago but I thought of it recently. I cosplay Misa from Death Note and most people say I did a very good job on it. Well apparently some guy had a bad run in with some Misa cosplayer and decided it was okay to send threatening messages to Misa cosplayers on coscom. I did report him and he was banned but it's awful to have someone you've never met tell you they want to kick you in the throat. Especially, over who you choose to cosplay.

Another one is when someone said Twilight cosplays aren't really cosplays because they're just normal clothes. I cosplay Victoria and I worked incredibly hard on it. I wanted to make it recognizable and accurate which can be a hard line to walk. I just finished a True Blood cosplay and that one looks more normal than Victoria. However I don't see anyone saying the same thing about that. This girl probably said it because she dislikes Twilight but that's no excuse.

I once had a guy berate for cosplaying Hetalia while also saying the costume was well-made. Apparently making jokes about history is bad (then I guess many of my teachers are terrible people). It's puzzling on what to do when someone is insulting and complimenting you at the same time. I ended up walking away.

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05 Aug 2011 - 18:1765565
I havn't had any problems. Some football fans on a train asked about my Lavi mallet, but I just told them it was a theatre prop. Truth be told most people dont really know what Cosplay is all about, and when they see my costumes they tend to respect the effort and passion. I think its hard to insult someone who does what they love and doesn't apologise for it.

BUT don't expect others to understand, don't feel mad when they don't 'get it' and don't try to convert anyone. It's like being a veggie - be proud but keep it to yourself.

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05 Aug 2011 - 19:0365570
One of my co-workers does not understand it in the slightest. As far as she's concerned, it's something children should do.

However, another co-worker finds it really interesting.

The difference between the two? One is born and bred in Norfolk, the other came from London. Norfolk is so closed minded about everything.

On the note of discrimination that you receive from other cosplayers.

On the basis of what I've heard and what I've experienced, Americans seem to take cosplay WAY too seriously and competitively. And then some seem to think that if you cosplay a character (ie Misa) it makes you that person. And if someone else cosplays that character, you're the same person and can be treated in the same way. With the "cosplaying the character makes you the character" it can be both to you, or for themselves. I've experienced a guy being a complete dick to me cause he was cosplaying someone who is apparently a complete dick. This is not an excuse. I do know that not all Americans (if not most) are like this, this is purely what my friends, acquaintances and I have experienced. The ones on here are lovely :3

As to the "I decided to do this first" it does annoy me... Also when people act as if you've stolen your idea when you've decided to do a Halloween version. Or worse, when someone slags you off cause you've done a Halloween version and a really big group has done one as well (ie, I planned to do a Halloweentown version of Larxene as Expo fell on Halloween, but cause Demyx Time had done it, I was slagged off for copying them, even though I had decided to do it before the event DT has done it at. So I decided not to - also, I did not get slagged off by Demyx Time people. They're lovely too).

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06 Aug 2011 - 15:5365639
Quote NixieThePixie:

On the basis of what I've heard and what I've experienced, Americans seem to take cosplay WAY too seriously and competitively.

My american cosplayer friend says the same thing. She's says people will come up to cosplayers and btch to them about their costume because it isn't 'prefect', stupid things like 'those gems are supposed to be turquoise, not aquamarine.' She's had someone go up to her and tell her that the cosplay was bad because the character had grey hair, not white. She pointed out that she should real the manga, and then she'd know that the character has white hair in that.

On the flip side, when I gave america's questionnaires for my cosplay research, a lot of them said that they ound people who wouldn't break character VERY annoying. However, for them to have to mention it means that it must happen a lot.

As for myself. I've never had any problems with it. My friends accept it, my old colleges thought it was interesting (and in my present work it helps me bound with some of my students). I think some people have been rather confused in the past about it, but as soon as I say that I make the costumes, their attitude switches and they become more interested in it.
My mum loves it, she loves to see photos when I get back from my cons.

I think it helps that I've never been one to be worried about blending in. I don't mind sticking out, hell I stick out every day of my life, whether it's by cosplaying or having green hair. But it is very rough when you feel that your own friends don't respect you for that. I can get that and understand it well.


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07 Aug 2011 - 18:2265771
If someone doesn't understand you, than find someone else that does!
I had that experiences before but I thinks friends are people who know you and always give you support!! I've been able make so many good friends that have the same interest as I do..... so why bother with those who discrimiate againt you?

08 Aug 2011 - 09:3365817
I've been quite lucky.

My current group of friends are all into cosplay, which is great considering I used to get picked on rotten in school for liking anime.

But I've witnessed it against others, I've seen people approach larger cosplayers (some with utterly AMAZING costumes) and have flat out said "You're too fat to cosplay that character!"

I think when cosplayers pick on cosplayers it's worse, and it baffles me when people who congregate in a con to dress up as fictional characters insist on being complete asses to each other.

08 Aug 2011 - 09:4465818
Through Secondary School, i was normally classed as the odd one, but then again, if people don't understand me, i'd rather not make friends with them cause they don't accept me for being ''different'' so I spent 5 years just ignoring everything, it even works when i'm technically deaf as well, so some things can be at an advantage, i know i shouldn't really say these things especially on a forum, but I kinda trust you people so yeah :3

Just don't pay attention and they get bored of it, if they assault you, you can always learn self defense, which is partially a good cause. You can't really do much about what people think, but you sure well can teach them a thing or 2 if they're interested in which most of the time doesn't tend to happen, so your lucky if you do xD

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