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23 Jun 2010 - 13:0035026
Body Suit making?
Hi hi!!! For october expo i'm cosplaying as Canada's Polar bear Kumajirou...

Which requires me to make a polar bear costume....

i dont want to melt so i dont think i'll be using faux fur..but there is like bonded wool stuff or white velvet i could use.

But my question is. How would i go about making a full body costume? I've never done it before.

Hope someone can help

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23 Jun 2010 - 13:2135028
you could always do it in fleece?

http://www.simplicitynewlook.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8305 this pattern should be of some help for the body. For the head there are various methods like papier mache or wire frames but I don't know enough about any of them to help you further.


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