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02 Aug 2007 - 04:1299
Greetings and Salutations
Hello everyone, I am zonaphobe, real name Christian, some of you may know me from cosplay.com (though unlikely as I'm not exactly an active poster), nice to meet you all and I will probably see most of you at MCM in October (me and my friend will be there as half life 2 rebels).

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08 Aug 2007 - 01:19124
Hey there, nice to see you on the site (sorry about the late reply, I've had computer woes and been trying to get some costumes done before Amecon!)
Another cosplay.com straggler eh, its so hard to find people on there! I'm always shocked when I see someone from the UK uploading costumes on there. I use cos.com a lot to find photos and see some amazing costumes, but I like the idea of being actually able to meet the people on here I'm on there under the same username as here.

I'm hoping to go to October Expo, I'll keep an eye out for you! Hope you enjoy the site, feel free to PM my if you have any problems or questions at all

08 Aug 2007 - 02:23126
Welcome to the site!

Half Life cosplay yay~ I love that series. Headcrabs <3

10 Aug 2007 - 06:18137
Welcome to Cosplay Island! enjoy your stay here and look forward to seeing your cosplay!

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