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15 Jun 2010 - 23:4234507
Horns/ears for Elfen Lied cosplay?
Helloses. For Kakkoi Con in two or three days, I am going to cosplay Lucy from Elfen Lied. However, I haven't a clue how to make the horns/ears for this costume! Anyone help me? Also, any tips on cosplaying her? Thanks!


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I'm working on a Lucy [Elfen Lied] cosplay for Kakkoi Con in two days... w00t!
16 Jun 2010 - 21:1434589
You can make them out of foam I suppose, just fold it over into a cone shape and stick them to a hair band. I am plaiing on doing her at some point so I need ears too.

17 Jun 2010 - 12:4134618
Since Diclonius horns are horn/bone, I'd probably make them out of some kind of oven-bake polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpey. Then you'll end up with something of a similar texture to bone, and if you use the Super Sculpey or the right colour of Fimo, you won't even need to paint them (Super Sculpey is a lightish pink/brown colour, very similar to Diclonius horns). You mould it and then bake it in the oven according to instructions. Then you can attach them to a headband, either wire or elastic, that you can colour pink to the same colour as your wig or hair, making it show up less and appear as though the horns come from under the hair.

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