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04 May 2008 - 19:302656
Guild Wars Necro armour- need help!
i am relatively new to the whole making-cosplay thing... any ideas or tips on how to make this would be useful


ideas ive already had are:
boots - long socks with fabric paint
spikes - foam with silver paint
belt - roll of fabric with painted cardboard buckle

am really stuck on the skirt and top bit so any ideas will be well recieved!

04 May 2008 - 19:402657
it would probably be easyer to use cheap boots instead of socks as then they won't let in water or end up looking slightly wooly.

you could use a long sleeved black polo top and add the spikes and red bits.

hope that helps a bit ^_^

04 May 2008 - 20:262660
Hmm looking at it I'd recommend craft foam, you could wear a top then build up onto it in craft foam. It'd be light and comfy. Or you could use a top and sew various parts onto it to give it the effect of the pattern. If you did that you could use some wadding to pad it out if you wanted it 3D. Or you could sew the basic shape with more material then paint detail with paint.

As for the skirt, I'd make a basic red skirt [or hunt round for one cheap] then cut it into shape, then again using material and a mix of fabric paint to add the details.

Here's a really awesome craft foam armour tutorial if you want to take a look:

... I just realised, hi Beth! xD

05 May 2008 - 19:582678
That's a fantastic costume -it will look awesome when you're done!

I'd recomment getting some cheap boots in a charity shop and modding those. Foam is a good place to start, probably covered in latex to make it smoother. I've also been playing with thermoplastic - not cheap, not the easiest thing in the world to work with, but it does the job. Basically, you heat pellets of this plastic in hot water and then shape it with your hands. It means you can get the shapes you want out of a tough, light material.

The skirt I'd be tempted to make out of something like leatherette. Make the bodice a leotard, and don't worry about making the skirt a full skirt - cut it into panels the right shape. You've got a couple of options for the silver edging - one is piping, wrapping sliver fabric round cotton cord and stiching this between the seams. Or you could try puffy fabric paint, or running hot glue or something simiar round the edge and painting that when dry.

You might want to consider latex molding for the details on the front. Make a mould out of platercine or clay, paint in your latex until thick enough, and then peel out. That will give you something that's flexible enough when you're moving around in costume.

There's a few belts on the costume, I'd be tempted to maky your own out of leatherette or dress leather, then you can control the width and lenght easier then cutting down a proper belt (will also be cheaper). You can buy buckles from most sewing shops.

Good luck

12 May 2008 - 10:252791
awesome! more guild wars cosplay!

If I were to make this I would probably start out with a cheap pair (secondhand f.ex) boots which are roughly the same heigh and fit as the boots on the costume. With craft foam and/or cardboard (depends how much money and effort you want to put into this), you decorate the boots in layers.
For the top I'd probably start out with a corset here, and add deco onto it, or make the coat from scratch. It's usually easier to have a solid base to start working on, especially if you're not so good at sewing.
I think I'd probably make the top (possibly exept the gloves) as one piece, if I were you. or at least make the skirt attatch to the top somehow, as a gap showing skin here would probably look a little clumsy.

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