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07 Jun 2010 - 13:1233802
Dyeing body suits and dress patterns
Hello and thanks in advance!

1) Mutio body
I'm wanting to dye a body suit / zentai suit - as the character I have in mind (Mutio, you can see references in my costumes list) has specific patterns. I'd rather dye a body suit myself, but can anyone suggest good dyeing methods?

Which dye is best to use?

The body suit I'll use will be a plain white suit - non-metalic etc.

2) Gustav Klimt dress
For another cosplay, I'm making a long, flowing dress based on Gustav Klimt paintings. (Lucy reference in my costumes list) The style is very specific and I'll probably buy a gold, pattern fabric and patch on the rest of the detail.

How I need a dress pattern - do any of you know any good resources for this?

Thanks again!

I was pesu.
07 Jun 2010 - 16:0433817
There aren't very many good pictures of the body of the Mutio suit, but in any case, you can't really dye a body suit. Lycra is synthetic so it won't dye with normal dyes, and i think that acid dyes, used for synthetic fabrics, can ruin lycra because of the elastin.

But you have the option of painting it instead, to get the patterns you want. You'll have to either put it on or stretch it out to your body shape before painting it otherwise the paint won't stretch right with the material and you'll end up with crack

07 Jun 2010 - 16:5533829
Given that what you want to do is more of a pattern than an over all colour, I would really advise against dyeing. You won't be able to do it easily and won't be able to have much control over where the colour goes. As Kan-chan said, acid dyes would be an option but not really something I would suggest doing really. You can still dye it without acid dyes but it's a similar method (continuous boiling) so again I wouldn't advise it for this character.

Instead I would get an airbrush and do the design that way. It'll give much more control over where the colour goes and will be much easier.
Fabric paint is an option but I would go for an airbrush if you can as it'll give a much nicer and softer look.

07 Jun 2010 - 18:2733833
Thanks, both of you - that's given me a better idea.
Yeah, I think air-brushing will probably be my best option in this case, considering the patterns.

I was pesu.
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