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05 Jun 2010 - 20:4733616
Hei, tentacle angel wings...
Yea... Tentacle angel wings.... Dont worry this costume wont be quite as obscene as you think... *hopefully*

SO! basicaly in october im planing on doing Tyrael from the Diablo series and im a little stuck with the wings, so far i see 2 ways of doing these wings ..

Method One - I use thick flexable tubing and run thick EL wire through them and make the ends pointy. (flexable tubing will need to be frosted to give it a more eaven and sexy light)

Method Two - I create very long cone like structures from thin bendy wire then wrap them in a thin opaque white / blue cloth with EL wires runing through them.

Method one is allot more durable but it would look a little to feble/uniform for my liking.

Method two seems the most plausable justnow because i could adjust them for general expo and masquerade so they dont take up too much space when im in crouds of people. Also it would mean i could make them look a little more grity and chunky. i think they will be rather weak though so it isnt ideal.

Heres a picture, theres more on my prifile if anyone is interested.

I could really use a bit of input from anyone, i really just need some ideas on how i should go about constructing these monsterous wings. Thank you.

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