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01 Aug 2007 - 00:1793
Hi, I'm Tak (shortened because people seem to like addressing me by one syllable nicknames) I tend to go under the alias' Takuro or Takuropop most other places - this is my old online alias picked because I was obsessed with the Jrock group GLAY for years (Takuro is their guitarist)

I'm 21, a girl and I can't speak more than 5 sentences in French. I really love cosplaying, especially with others and I also have a big interest in Jmusic. I DJ at cons and club nights, and love singing karaoke.

I'm a hobbyist photographer who is looking to improve her skills further. I've recently become far more interested in cosplay photography after doing various shoots for friends.

01 Aug 2007 - 03:1296
It's Tak-face! Yay! At least your online handle is more flattering than mine

If you ever find yourself in need of a model, Odango is willing to oblige - it's time the UK got some proper cosplay photoshoots so we can show off our skillllllz

01 Aug 2007 - 05:1498

Hiya Schmooooo!

She is good she is! *nods*

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
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