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04 Jun 2010 - 13:5633413
[FS] Cosplay weapons.
Hi guys. I'm seeling a number of cosplay weapons. They are all made from wood, so con legal. (why they don't want us running around with metal weaponry i have no idead )

The on'es i have currently are:


Ichigo's normal sword (2)
Ichigo bankai (1)
Renji Zabimaru (2)

Final fantasy:
Cloud buster sword (2)
Cloud advent children sword (2) - it does break into its component pieces

I don't want to list prices for them as i'd like people to offer what they think would be fair. obviously if you want them posted to you i'll have to add that cost on as well.

I accept payment via paypal (safest for both of us) and am happy for people to come in person to pick them up or if you live close enough i can drop them off.

If you are interested pm me, or if you prefer a faster response email me (due to the blessing that is the iphone).

pictures can be found following the link below:


I will be posting more as soon as i get a moments spare time!!!

04 Jun 2010 - 16:2033435
hi im interested in ichigos bankai and renjis zambimaru. how much are they?

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04 Jun 2010 - 19:0533453
Hi ryu. I'm looking for £35 for the zabimaru and £30 for the ichigo bankai. Though I am open to offers. If you need them posted to you then please add another fiver.

If you would like them or want to discuss prices/delivery etc please pm
or email me.


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