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23 Apr 2008 - 02:382488
plastic and pvc tube?
Ok I have a problem I cant find Any pvc or plastic tubing any where im look for tubes with a iner measurement of 4cm as it as to hold a battery pack is about 3.1cm.
The tubing also need quite a thick wall as these will be my handles and will have to support the blade.

Im also looking for some with a iner measurement of 11mm as well but not as important as the 0.4mm tubing.

So dose any one have any ideas where I can get some


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23 Apr 2008 - 13:002492
you might want to try cityplumbing and city electrics they carry everysize of tube of every type of material known to man between them though more likley to be a soft plastic from city electrics these places are dotted all over the country and tend to be on tradesman estates etc parks rather than the town center so if you havent seen them thats why

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