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29 May 2010 - 21:4132900
Z-Day @ MCM Expo!
Wow. A HUGE thankyou to everyone who turned out!

We've had a quick look through the photos and they are looking EPIC! There will be a link posted to a photobucket on here when we have processed them.

Once again, can we give a huge thanks to flames-of-monki for his amazing photos! The other photographers that were hanging around, please can you message me before any pictures go up. All Z-Day shots MUST be put up with the Z-Day watermark, (available from me) and seeing as Josh set up most of the shots, its only fair he gets to debut them

The success of this shoot has pretty much made our earlier suggestion official. We WILL be back in October. On Halloween. It shall be much epic and wincakes. Can we beat our turnout next year? If we don't Keith will make you minions jump in the water

Thanks again guys!

-Scoop & Lu
(RandomRper) & (thedevilwearswhite)

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