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25 May 2010 - 19:4332694
Quote sjbonnar:
It's a very interesting discussion if nothing else. As there do seem to be some people that think more comments = better cosplay. There are also some AMAZING cosplays with very few comments as well, does this make them anything less than amazing? Of course not!

I agree. I have seen some amazing costumes out there that have very little commenting on them. It dosen't make the costume any less of a costume. Yes, we can all agree that recieving comments is nice. But I would rather recieve a few comments reguarding the actual costume rather than loads that is for the sake of a 'comment swap' as the OP put it.

I agree with the feedback that its not a good idea as it dosen't encourage the best feedback for your costume.

27 May 2010 - 10:5232806
This thread is silly >>
Everyone has already stated why though

Lots of comments =/= Good costume
I rage slightly when people have conversations on their costumes though. >>
They are mesnt to be for advice/critism.

Also it makes me sad for the cosplay community when I come across a mind blowing costume that has no comments because its
a) from an unknown series or
b) The person is not well known.

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