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20 May 2010 - 22:2032410
New kid on the block
Hi everyone I'm Tim

I live up in liverpool and am slightly exentric or so my non-cosplaying friends have told me (There's alot of them too) sadly i'm the only cosplayer in my 6th form so i get funny looks when i go on about how i just ordered this and that to go with my costums or my next idea

I currently cosplay as Sauske Uchiha, the Taka version seen in the manga, almost 100% depending on me going to london to get sharingan contacts and ordering a new wig and my Kira (bleach) is nowhere near done

But i digress i'm sure i'll love it on here and will welcome any new costume ideas

04 Jun 2010 - 22:5333493
Hi there~! Nice to meet you! ^__^ And welcome! I read your thread and I have to agree, my friends also find me eccentric and weird too since I'm one of the few cosplayers in my school. XD (We are a rare breed in this college, you can easily spot us by our crazy anime-styled hair and clothing.) Bleach us one of my favourite animes/manga and you're cosplaying as my third favourite character, Kira~! >__< (my second and first favourites are Ulquiorra and Ichimaru. :3)

So are your cosplays for any upcoming events? I'm doing a Chrona cosplay (from the anime/manga Soul Eater) for the MCM Expo in October this year. ^__^

Nice to meet you~! And a big welcome to you~! >__<


DeviantART: www.clover-tan.deviantart.com

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<3 x~รัก~x~love~x <3
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