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20 May 2010 - 21:2432406
Wig spiking
Okay so i'm finished with my England cosplay but my wig seems some what flat. I'd like to add some small spikes to the sides and wondered what the best way of doing this was.

Also my America needs fur lining for his jacket and the number 50 ect to add on. Any ideas for how we could do this or any good shops or websites to shop from?

Thanks guys
Artie ~

20 May 2010 - 22:4432414
Found this though it might be helpful o3o

12 Aug 2010 - 21:3638631
When I spike my wigs I use Got2Be glued, it's really strong, they have a gel and a spray, I would suggest getting both as the glue help style it and the spray keeps it there, I used it on my own hair and my hair is very thick and fairly long, and it work quite well.

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