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16 Apr 2008 - 04:382396
please help me with haseo's tattoos ^_^
Ok im a bit stuck on my cosplay at the moment im working on my haseo from .hack//roots and im close to finishing apart from the tattoos on his arms face and belly

My question to you guy is, what do you think would be the best way to do these tattoo done, with out going to get them done for real XD

At the moment im looking into way of doing this such as:

ink-jet tattoo paper which you print out from you computer and the place on to your arm like a temp tattoo?
Airbrushing it on over a stencil cut from some Art Mask Frisk Film using a craft knife?
But this could work out to be very costly and not easy to do.
using the same stencil making technique as the airbrushing method but sponge or paint it on using body paint?

If you had any experience with body art or temp tattoos for your cosplay or just for fun please help me out thanks

here some links the the items im talking about:

.hack//roots haseo

Art Mask Frisk Film

ink-jet tattoo paper

16 Apr 2008 - 23:092401
i would say air brush it with stencils! but dont use the mask paper thingy! ... go to poundland or poundworld and look for graph sticky paper or even just sticker paper... they sell those!

then just cut it out to make the stencil and spray paint it! even though i would suggest using a red maker pen from... (can you guess?) poundland haha or some body paint! and before taking off the stencil hair spray it! i heard that helps to secure the paint and prevent it from smudging and coming off... and then take off the stencil lol

hope that help:S

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