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12 May 2010 - 20:5631806
Posing for photos.
I'm hoping this is in the right place. As i'm looking at it from a photographers point of view also.

Okay, so I know we all have our good sides and our bad sides which photographers will always catch!

However, When your asked for a photo you'll through a suitable pose. But with my mcm may saturday costume (johnny joestar) I'm rather unsure what to do.

My dilemma is that he's disabled, but because he's a jockey ect doesn't have a wheel chair.

So if i'm in a photo with another person, I will have to sit on the floor, which will then make it awkward for the photographer (depending on lens) to get both in the shot.

Any idea's?
And can also be general do and don'ts for posing and working with a photographer to make their life easier.

12 May 2010 - 22:5631817
a) All Jojo cosplay is automatic win XD

b) No reason why that would break photos

Even the example image you've got shows a plenty good pose to try XD

On the contrary it'll kinda force people to stand back and get you both in, and I often encourage people to be doing different things in the photo, two people just standing next to each other looking at the camera usually looks pretty unnatural and forced - mostly because of nerves XD so having one sitting down and the other not gives a bit of 3Dness to it, encourages a little more character in posing, think of why you'd be in the position you're in - partway through a conversation? etc.

First up I'd say find things to sit on - low walls, steps, other cosplayers XD etc.. whoever else you're with can be leaning down pretending to be talking to you, crouched down with you, helping you up onto something, or they could plain well be sitting too.

Jojo does have a lot of poseuring in it so find, say, a small stairwell, stagger where everyone is standing on the stairs, so on different steps and different places horizontally according to the camera, and angst in different directions = instant manga cover art XD

If you're with a related character and you're comfortable getting up close, have them behind you one arm around you and both grinning like idiots and get the photographer to take it close up so you can't see your legs - it should still be reasonably obvious they're coming down to your level without you worrying about how your legs look

Yell if you need any more ideas, or find me on the day - I'll be happy to take some

12 May 2010 - 23:0531819
as a photographer , it dhould be fine to get you both in the photos, any good photographer would have a rang of len's or a wide angle/zoom lens. (plus also if they onlt have a 50-70mm lets say they can allwaysd stand further back. having two people at different heights can create dynamicness.

13 May 2010 - 10:0131831
I agree with every thing nert said what I would bed to that is as a photograper its much better to have a interesting pose to work with and its no problem to sand back something like your s would be great to shoot from a very low angle or maybe from above

It's either real or it's a dream, There's nothing that is in between
13 May 2010 - 10:1531833
Not a photographer, but I apparently have they "eye" (I just listen in film studies, lol)

I think that there should be an issue really. I mean, my friend (again, not a photographer, and with just a cheap point and click camera) took a decent photo oh the storm trooper point the gun barrel to the back of a friend's head. And there were other people who were sprawled out on the floor with the storm troopers standing above them.

And group shots, like the massive group shots, you have to all fit in the camera lense, thus the need for standing and sitting is a given.

So not really that uncommon.

plus, it'll make for some really awesome camera angles.

Ayacon Plans
13 May 2010 - 13:3631845
Thankyou so so so much for all your help!
I guess it was just me being paranoid.

I really can't thank you all enough for your tips though, the one about sitting on walls/steps is fantastic nert!
And thinking about it, i guess it can add to the photo a bit more if its not just two people stood there.

However, if its on my own, i'll have to plant my arse down on my own aye!

Thankyou so so so much once again!

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