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09 May 2010 - 20:2531576
WTS: Halo Recon Armour
Ok so im not a massive fan of halo, i chose to do this costume for a lot of good reasons.... ill not go into detail. so, at the end of the day i think im gona want to sell this costume a wee while after the May MCM Expo and i kindof just wanted to see if there was much interest for such a thing.

i would idealy want anywhere from £1000 up.. i know thats prety steep but its not a simple costume, its 5 - 6 months of back breaking work and costs quite allot for the initial resources (anywhere from £100 - £300 i beleive.) so yea, price aside you can see a good few images on my profile of the progress iv made so far. bear in mind its all yet to be painted / detailed if anyone is genuinely interestd then may expo would be a great opportunity for you to see the costume in all its glory. also because it is such a colosal and heavy costume i would most likely be delivering it to any buyer within the UK to insure a safe arival of the product. i wouldnt expect that to amount to any more than £50 for that delivery (fuel cost) and if there were ever any problems with the costume i would replace/fix any damaged or broken parts for a minor fee. O_O... yea... kindof early for me to post this no doubt.. but i really need to see a high interest for it before i could sell it.

Thankyou all very much for your interest and time. i would love to hear some input, questions or just anything related to this

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