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09 May 2010 - 19:3031560
WANTED: Long white wig!
My little sister is coming with me to the London Expo for the first time and she's decided to cosplay Ukitake Jyuushiro from Bleach.

She has decided to leave getting a wig last minute and because I personally do not have one, I'm wondering if anyone out there has one I may purchase from you.

The style itself is this- http://media.animegalleries.net/albums/bleach/13c_ukitake_jyuushiro/bleach_ukitake58.jpg

However, I'll get anything that is long at the moment so ya. lol

Hope to hear soon~


09 May 2010 - 21:4431578
i have one hun, but it has a blockish fringe, other wise the wig itself is midway down my back

10 May 2010 - 14:5831654
I have a white long wig that I buy for Sesshomaru and I never used it
But I live in italy, if you want I can ship without problems

13 May 2010 - 13:1731842
I need to poke around and check, but I think I have a longish white wig somewhere in the wig box. It was bought for something and then never used because I decided to go for silver instead.

It probably has a fringe so won't be exact, but I'm sure you could style it into something reasonably close. PM me if you're interested and I'll dig it out.

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