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12 Nov 2010 - 15:0444809
Just been linked this: http://www.proactiv.co.uk/default.aspx
Apparently it's being advertised on TV at the moment. They certainly have a lot of info on the site but not sure I'm convinced yet.
Someone posted a list of ingrediants that are bad for the skin in a post about spots on here before but I can't find it. Was curious if that product contained any of them.

I'm just using products from the Simple range at the moment as well as a home-made scrub.

12 Nov 2010 - 15:4444812
I'm one of the lucky few who havent had any serious issues with spots over my teens.
I have always kept a strict regime of cleansing daily, drinkng loads of water and exfoliating at least once a week, which I imagine has been a major contibuting factor.

I dont really have any tips for getting rid of spots, other than applying a spot stick/tea tree oil onto one as soon as it starts to appear (not straight from the tube/roll/wand on though-either use a cotton bud or clean finger to apply it as the spot-causng bacteria will build up!)
Also remember to fully take of any makeup before sleeping!

I hope this helps ^^

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12 Nov 2010 - 17:2544823
I'm going to plug LUSH here.

I've recently started to use their products more.

Coal face: This is a cleanser soap, it's black and yes, has charcoal in it AND it smells of black jacks.

I started using this about 2-3 weeks ago and honestly. It's made a difference to my face. My blackheads are clearing and I'm not gaining any new bad spots. I have the odd one, but nowehere near as bad as it was.

Everything else I tried diddnt work and I've been trying different stuff for years now.

Mask of Magnaminty: Tis a face mask (and can be used on your shoulders, chest and back and also your feet!)

Now...if you don't like mint, or tingling sensations, then don't use it. If you don't mind that, then this'll be reallllly nice.

It leaves my skin feeling really soft, takes the grease out but doesn't over dry it. It has the added bonus of being really refreshing. So after a hard days work, it's really nice to chill out with it on for anywhere up to like half an hour!

It's also one of the masks that LUSH do that seem to be the best to use frequently. Alot of people use it daily as opposed to their other face masks, which are more of a treat/weekend ritual.

I've yet to test any other products from them, but I am told that the cleansers called:

Dark Angels and Angels on Bare Skin are really good for problem skin.

Then again, everyone will react differently to them, so what works for me, may not work for you. I'd have a wander into a local LUSH shop and just have a chat with the staff there, they may be able to give you some samples to have a play with.

13 Nov 2012 - 00:4493843
Excuse the dragging up of an old thread but at the age of 24 I FINALLY have clear skin for the first time I can remember since I was in school.
I tried various skin products, cleansing routines, antibiotics and lotions prescribed by my doctor, the pill etc. Nothing seemed to work on a long-term basis with good results.
This book was my saviour:

The Acne Cure

Salicylic Acid 2%
Glycolic Acid 8-10%
Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5-10%

Using a combination of these 3 things in a daily routine treats every stage of acne (as it is caused by more than one thing) and therefore technically "cures" it whereas using only one product will just sort out part of the problem and only clear part of the acne or only work at certain times of the acne cycle.
These products will dry out your skin however so using an oil-free moisturiser with SF5 15 daily is important. They may irritate those with sensitive skin.

I can not guarantee it will work for you but I tried everything for 10 years and this is the only routine I have seen real results with and the test studies claim 95% of people had no more acne after 6 weeks or less, only severe cases still had it but it was greatly reduced. The book is written by a dermatologist and the chemicals/products are available without prescription so are safe (Salicylic acid is used in the majority of spot treatment washes, I'm currently using Neutrogena Visibly Clear). Make sure you follow the routine as I skipped some stages over a weekend and had a new spot appear but soon had it under control once I was back on the routine properly. Once I am fully clear for some time I will cut back on the products and start using Bio Oil to help with the scarring/un-even complexion which my spots have caused over the years.

You can pick this book up for 99p on ebay or your local library might have it (that's where I found it) so you really haven't got anything to lose.


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