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05 May 2010 - 23:4831283
someone help me find a copy of...
Neon Genesis Eva platinum ed vol #1 WITH the reflective card sleeve.

it HAS to be with the reflective card sleeve. infact, it's just the sleeve i'm interested in, i can get a new DVD to go in it if someone has a scratched disk copy.

cut a long story short, i lent my copy to a jerk at uni a few years ago, and after umpteen attempts to contact him since, have never so much as had a mutter back from the jerk.

i'm up for weighted trades (stacked in your favour, ofc) /a commission trade/cash after expo.

06 May 2010 - 01:3131288
Any good?

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!
06 May 2010 - 13:0931302

i stopped bothering with ebay months back because it never yielded one with the card sleeve xD

06 May 2010 - 13:2031305
Glad to be of service!

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!
06 May 2010 - 16:0431315
You should throw coconuts at said jerk for stealing your evangelions, I know I would

06 May 2010 - 19:3231336
he didn't just waltz off with my eva, he also has my copy of joint security area, and tale of two sisters (amazing korean movies)

luckily, they are pretty easy to replace, unlike the copy of eva, which admittedly is replaceable with a working copy, but without the sleeve, would look rubbish alongside all my nice shiny vol 2 onwards. i even opted to buy the (more expensive) single case editions because they looked so nice in a row.

06 May 2010 - 20:4531344
i sure i have a copy somewhere, but all my dvds are sorta in storage cos of a recent forced house move. its volume 1 eva (first 5 eps) platinum with the shiny silver sleeve. ill try digging it out for you tomorrow if you wish? if you PM me about it, ill see what i can do ^^

Edit: I just had a rake around, and yes, i have a copy of this, that i would be willing to part with. if the ebay one doesnt work out, let me know, and we can work somethingn out

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06 May 2010 - 21:2931349
awesome, good to know i have a backup ;p i'll try snipe this one for pennies, if that falls thru i'll be in touch

13 May 2010 - 23:0131882
won the auction for £1.04.... P&P was free... cost him 81p to send... total profit for him, after ebay take their cut: 12p

pristine condition.

i feel SO guilty about this now. haha

thanks for the help folks!

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