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05 May 2010 - 22:2731281
need the room! =)
Here is some stuff that is either a double of something i already have or decided to get ride of because i need the room or becuase i want to finish other sets and probley not these ones

I prefer paypal but open to other payment through the post.

Prices don't include postage

I am open to offers so if you like the idea of something give me a shount and we can work something out i really want to get rid of this stuff

I have photos of all of the stuff so if you want to see one just ask

Will update again later with some more


3 Naruto Keys ring New saskau and 4th hokage £1.50 each or £2.50 for both

Scrapped Princess figures, none come with the dvds or boxes because of the way i bought them - Offers for now, ill post prices later

Scrapped Princess Casull Pacifica http://myfigurecollection.net/figure/10291_casull_pacifica -big- £13

Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter plush Irwin offical release not boxed but it great condition http://myfigurecollection.net/figure/13662_sailor_jupiter

Sailor Moon Sailor Murcury plush irwin offical release not boxed but it great condition

Sailor Moon Sailor venus plush irwin offical release not boxed but in great condition

All 3 are pretty rare and well oop! offers!!

Limited Edition Slayers Chroma Cels
Ive got two different ones from slayers they both have there certificate of authenticity and they are numbered with a run of 5000.

One of them is still sealed it its wrapper and the other one is open it has a small dirt mark in the top courner but nothing to bad

Ive tried looking on ebay and there don't seem to be many at all so i think these are pretty hard to get hold of

Let me know if your interested other wise i might try lisitng them on ebay



Robotech Remastered extendeted edtion £2.50 ~r2~ im not even sure how i got this lol its pretty much new like the slip case has a little wear

Voltron Collection One Tin £2.50 ~r2~ im sure how i got this either pretty much new like

Gasaraki Vols 1-8 ~r2~ £13 -minor marks on the discs was like that when i brought them most if it is where they have been taken out of plastic wallets -brought second hand anyway- i didn't get on with it other wise in good condition

Pretear Vols 1-4 ~r2~ The discs have a few marks on each of them -was like when i brought them- but they play perfectly fine when i last watched them £12.00 for set

Fullmetal Alchemist Vols 1-2 £3.00 each or £5.00 for both

Junjo Romantica Vol 4 -yaoi- £3.50 ~Brand new~ was bought as a double accidently -stupid memory lol-

Captain Nemo vol 1 £3.50 ~like new~

Scrapped Princess Vol 1 2 £3.50 each or both for £6.00 ~like new~

Aria Vol 1 2 -adv release- ~like new~ £3.50 each or £6.00 for both

Gravitation Vol 1 ~new~ £3.00

Wish Vol 1-4-complete- ~like new~ £16.00 for all 4 vols

Orphen Vol 1-6-complete- ~like new~ £27 for all 6 vols -oop and hard to find if you can there like £6+ a vol~

DragonBall Vols 1-4 £2.50 each or £7.50 for all 4 ~little esge wear vol 4 has a slight spin crease-

King of Bandits Jing Vols 1-4 £2.50 each or £7 for all 4 ~in ok condition edge wear and there there shiny covers its come off slightly vol 4 has a courner damage -they were like this when i brought them from some one-

Arm of Kannon Vol 1 £2.50 ~like new~

Ghost Hun Vol 9 £3 ~new it has a mark on the back were there was a sticker and its been pealed its taken some of the varnish type stuff off~

Read of Die Vols 1-4 £3.50 each or £13.00 for all 4 ~like new~

Chronciles of the cursed Sword Vols 1-5 £3 each or £14 for all 5 ~like new~

Blood Suckers Vols 1-3 £3 each or £7 for all 3 ~like new~

Never Give Up Vols 1-3 £3 each or £7 for all 3 ~like new~

El Hazard Vols 1-2 Big Size not normal manga size £4 each or £7 for both ~like new~ ~reads left to right~

Oh My Gooddess the following vols are £4.00 each, will do a deal if you want a lot of them ~sorry there not in order of release~ i don't want to part with these but i doubt i will finish the set so they might as well go to some one who will, ~all in very good condition reads left to right~
Queen of vengeance
fourth goddess
mara strikes back
ninja master
terrible master urd
wrong number
devil in miss urd
miss keiichi
queen sayoko
hand in hand
love potion no. 9
sympathy for the devil
leader of the pack
final exam

Gentlemen's Allicance Cross Vol 1 ~like brand new~ £3

Inu Yasha Vol 3 ~original larger viz release~ £3

Warriors of Tao Vols 1 and 3 ~like new~ £2.50 each

Sokora Refuguess Vols 1 2 ~like new~ £3 each or £5 for both

Fruits Basket Vols 1 ~like new~ £3.00

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