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05 May 2010 - 13:4931230
Lukes Batman mask fund!!!
Okay so im posting on here the sale of a collection of my MARVEL legends figures, like I say selling to raise money for a batman mask these did make and excellent mantle piece set up and looked great in my flat

Not sure there are many marvel fans on here but I thought I would check


There are some other items for sale also i.e manga and such. I'm told more manga and figures and such will be put up eventually so stay posted as we are trying to keep starting bids very low as well as cheaper postage.

There are a few hand made Lolita things being put up at a later date those of you that spoke to Fables at Kitacon will know more about it.


any questions PM me or Fables

07 May 2010 - 21:2131432
BUMP! Added some waistcoats to the listings some nice steampuky stuff and a jack skellington one to XD

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