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10 Apr 2008 - 20:312305
Blue foam/ styrofoam, were the hell do i find this stuff
ok for a bit now me and greyskull have been trying to track this stuff down but it misel well be carved from the one true cross for how bloody hard it is to find, does anyone no were to get big blocks of it and delivers ??? please help

10 Apr 2008 - 21:262306
if you mean the soft blue furniture foam... Dunelm mill sell it in blocks.. Hard foams :\ ... i get my Cellatex from builders merchant (insulation foam) 2inch thick and upto 8foot x 4foot ..... if im wrong i'll have a look for ye.

-Royalbaldness over and out-

10 Apr 2008 - 21:302307
cheers bud

- leroy jenkins over and out -

10 Apr 2008 - 21:362308
lol........... i was right? XD

10 Apr 2008 - 21:372309
hmm i dont no this stuff is like insulation foam but better to work with an no spending 3 hours to scratch of the silver foil

10 Apr 2008 - 21:422310
nah the only problem i had was peeling the paper off the boards of it had u shud remember... but its the stuff i made my bankai from it chips easily if not coverd by something thats the only problem.

11 Apr 2008 - 20:202319
Uni! you find lots of it in the unversity workshop! either the wood works area of the 3D model making area!... you dont see them right away! you have to go into the store roooooom!

cheapest places to find it = university haha

11 Apr 2008 - 20:312320
ok kaka you rob your uni of a block of styrofoam preferably 40mm thick and 80 inches length 40 inches width lmao

11 Apr 2008 - 22:512321
lol did ... except its 6cm thick and 6ft tall ...

haha and lecturers didnt even realise haha

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