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27 Apr 2010 - 23:0830762
When do you book your room/start your cosplay
1]Kay normally a buddy of mine books multiple rooms for him and lots of friends and i tend to jump on the band wagon but im kinda feeling like id want to be a bit more independant/be less of a hassle so i was wondering when youd book your room for con/expo.

2]also i just get bored way easily that io start a new cosplay a week after i've done the latest con/expo that the previous expo was planned for though i do have minor improvement projects as back up incase i cant make my original plans on time

27 Apr 2010 - 23:2030764
1) ASAP - this could be either as soon as I've registered for a con or just when I have the money to book the hotel!!
For Minamicon I booked as soon as I got a place. And for May Expo I think I booked it sometime last year? Can't remember exactly!

2) Oh yes, as soon as an event is over! That doesn't mean I finish in good time though. I start it... Then I don't touch it for months (and/or work on random other costumes as a side-project for fun) and then before I know it, there's only a couple weeks left and I've done nothing... Yeaaaah...

28 Apr 2010 - 00:2630767
1 week after teh con has ended

28 Apr 2010 - 07:1330772
I book hotels as soon as possible especially if it's onsite. I left Minami til the very last minute but was very lucky as I caught a 50% off deal at the Ibis just a few weeks before!

The earliest I've ever started is a month in advance. >< Latest it the day before a con and still finished it on time. I really should start earlier but I'm normally doing other things before then so never find the time to.

28 Apr 2010 - 13:4330798
hotels asap to get a spot where i want to stay.

costumes... haha. i work my costumes around may/october expo and rewear at cons. i start planning/building usually about 1-2 months before the PREVIOUS expo.

28 Apr 2010 - 15:2330801
Hmm booking where I wanna stay? Month or two before expo ;p
And making and buyyyinng cosplayyy like...as soon as I decide on a character ^^

28 Apr 2010 - 16:1830804
I usually book the hotel about a month after the last expo as I only go to the MCM London expos. I like to get things organised quick. As for my costume, I start ordering materials and such as soon as I have the money and I am 100% certain that I shall do that costume!

28 Apr 2010 - 16:2230805
I usually book the room when I know that I haven't got anything happening that weekend... usually something to do with uni. Which hasn't happened yet XD

When I start my cosplay depends on how I feel. But I will start on it a few weeks/a month after the expo because I'm a pretty slow worker ^^;

28 Apr 2010 - 18:2930822
I book my hotels months in advance. I learned from experience that hotels fill up fast. I generally book my May hotel in October and my October hotel in May, so that its done early and I can sometimes get a cheaper price.

Same goes for costumes. I like to start them early so I can plan for anything going wrong. Sadly I left my May costume too late and as a consequence, its not done, so I've had to panic buy and make things. ;_;


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28 Apr 2010 - 20:2130832
I booked my hotel in januray, so a good 4 and half months before the expo.

The cosplay...normally when I can actually afford it. So...say if I have one for may I start it in oct/nov. And the same thing for oct. I start it in may because I dont have that much time in order to do it.

29 Apr 2010 - 21:1230912
I book my hotel room asap. I already have my room booked for october expo because I fear prices will go up if I leave it any longer x-x

I start my cosplays as soon as the previous con has ended. I enjoy making them, and if I can afford to, then why not? xD

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