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17 May 2010 - 23:2432204
Oh and Sakura Kinomoto (School Uniform) from Cardcaptors on Sunday

17 May 2010 - 23:2932205
Prepare for your group to be hugged

and as if you could beat me your from one piece XD


18 May 2010 - 06:5432207
Here are my cosplays!

Saturday: Sora from Digimon (season 1)
Sunday: Yuna Floral Fallal dress sphere (Final Fantasy X-2)

Sora's pretty much done just some small things to do, Yuna's coming along and should be done by this time next week

18 May 2010 - 21:1732257
Haha we shall brace ourselves XD

18 May 2010 - 23:2732262
Okay, I'll be human version Teddie from Persona 4 (the day depends on if there's anyone else doing it... want to join a Teddie, Naoto and possible Kanji?)
and EITHER Gakuen uniform England (easy option) or Firi from the BL game Lamento (hard mode!)X3

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19 May 2010 - 19:2932321
Quote Aotashi:
Im going as Tira from Soul Calibur 3 with the rest of my Soul Calibur gang on Saturday ^^
oh cool i love soul calibur. i would love 2 cosplay talim at somepoint. i need to c this group, lots of pics lol. r u in the masquerade?

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19 May 2010 - 20:0232325
Quote Pez:
Quote perfectly_purple:
Lolz. That'll be fun! Lots of lol-tastic photo opps!

Quote Teleute:
If I see you, I will give you a big hug <3 this sounds like a genius cosplay!

<3 Thanks~ we just can't help it after the way the media reported on the coalition! XDDDD And the Beeb has made it easy by providing masks of the politicians on their website...

Cleggeron invades the MCM Expo!

19 May 2010 - 20:3032328
I'll be bringing my Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, currently in the making :3

We'll hopefully be in the Masquerade so I'll be in it all saturday, maybe sunday, haven't decided yet!

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20 May 2010 - 00:4132339
Quote Pez:
Instead, my girlfriend and I are going as Nick Clegg and David Cameron for some good lolitics!

(Please don't throw eggs at us. XD)

If we catch you, me and Nocturnal Blossom will demand you Bro-fist for us please as well as being well gangsta innit for photos ^^

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.
22 May 2010 - 07:5732477
Sat - Ellis from L4D2
Sun - Seifer from FFVIII

Looking forward to it!

22 May 2010 - 11:3332507
Well I might be Haru from The Cat Returns, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see!

Unlikely though, now.

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22 May 2010 - 11:4232508
Should my Noelle be complete by then * stares at the ruins of nowhere-near-completion pile of material on the floor * >>; *coughs* Then I should be Noelle Bor from TB on the saturday

not going the sunday as I'm not a great fan of 'expo x3!


{{ I'm not afraid }}
22 May 2010 - 21:5332552
I'll be going as Nemuru Kushinada from Ookami Kakushi.
Just doing Shiro Lolita on the Sunday and Oshare-kei in the evenings lols

22 May 2010 - 22:0732553
Quote Monkey:
If we catch you, me and Nocturnal Blossom will demand you Bro-fist for us please as well as being well gangsta innit for photos ^^

This is how I'll look, do grab us for photos! (There's just the two of us so we can't get photos of us together ourselves XDDD)

Currently practising the Dragon Ball Fusion pose with my Nick Clegg...

27 May 2010 - 18:0032832
Saturday - Domino from X-men / X-force

Will be with: Jill Valentine - Resi 3, Albert Wesker - Resi 1, Chris Redfield - Resi 5, John Marston - Red Dead Redemption, Tifa - FF7, The Joker - Batman, Dr Who (Tennant), Dr Who (New Doctor), aaaand Agent 47 - Hitman.

Sunday - Harley Quinn from Batman

With Tifa FF7, Original Joker, and Dark Knight Joker. Will feel like a proper girl-pimp with my 2 Jokers!

Jenivere - geek, gamer, proud of it!

Domino / Harley Quinn / Dark Side - Darth Leia / Doki (There She Is!!)
27 May 2010 - 19:2332836
Well...All my friends abandoned me so if you see a lonely end of Time Master lurking about somewhere..probably eating That'd be me.


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28 May 2010 - 07:3632856
sebastian from black butler
i am willing, but i guess it is late now

Stupid is stupid as does.
28 May 2010 - 08:0632859
I'll be going as Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles


28 May 2010 - 10:3932865
Queen of Hearts on Sat only. Want to go on both days, but have a tight schedule

03 Jun 2010 - 08:5233253

i am so sad than i missed the con

Stupid is stupid as does.
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