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18 May 2010 - 18:5932244
I was more pissed off that she called herself 'Princess Peach'. Because I ALMOST wore my Brawl Peach outfit that day ~___~

It was my friend Chi's little sister. When I told her, she was all annoyed that everyone had a go about her sister winning, but she apparently went home and had a go at her mum, lol!

18 May 2010 - 20:2432254
I'm so glad to see others go to Hull and all stil cosplay i go to the uni there - i'm studying Digital Media there and this year i found 1 girl in our class who liked cosplays but never really had anyone to do it with.

I'm really looking foward to another ReCon coming to either Hull or Doncaster it would be so cool meeting everyone there ^^

19 May 2010 - 22:0932332
Where around is the recon? xD Other than in hull ( im gussing its in hull xD )

19 May 2010 - 22:1732333
Its at waterstones in the city centre. if you head out the interchange, cross the road, and go down the main road to the left of the war memorial, it'll be about 100m down there. very easy to find

Disasters road has been walked by better men

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19 May 2010 - 22:3032335
Ahhh I may go to that when is it again? and well is there a site or something that gives all teh details and stuffz?XD

20 May 2010 - 14:3032374
19th october this year.

Seriously, people need to arrange something in the summer for everyone to get together. And invade Waterstones just cause.

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20 May 2010 - 15:1732376
well, my birthday is upcomming in august, so we'll probably be having a cosplay picnic around then. im sure we'll be doing stuff over the summer anyway.

as for recon, there is no site that im aware of, as its a pretty small event. if you need to know anything,just ask me on msn and ill fill you in

Disasters road has been walked by better men

20 May 2010 - 17:5432387
Ahh i'm probley gonna go to it

and okay i shall do so lol when your online lol

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