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05 Apr 2008 - 19:092254
got to catch them alll!! POKEMON
hello im having some problem with my latist cosplay ok im just going to jump right in to it here gose.

ive deside to cosplay houndoom Gijinka

for a recon coming up and cant deside what boot to wear for it.
ok ever i wear knee high newrocks i have
eg. http://www.cloggs.co.uk/content/ebiz/cloggs/invt/210/nr_272black.jpg

or i could try to find some gray boots but finding this hard to come by, the close i could find was theses http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000VCPFWK/ref=nosim/?tag=nextag-shoes01-20&creative=380333&creativeASIN=B000VCPFWK&linkCode=asn and yes i know there girls boots but they come in size 11 XD lols

so what do you guys think i should go for?

ok one more question about his hands do you think i should wrap then like he has done for his wrist of should i buy some of theses.

any help you can give on this matter would be a grate help thank you


05 Apr 2008 - 22:022257
You're going to need to mod which ever pair you choose, and I thin you'll have a much easier time with the amzon boots than your new rocks!

In either case, you're going to want to make a cover of something like leatherett or vinal and slide that over the boots, then attach top and bottom. With the amazon boots you could just stick or glue it on, but you'll want to find a non-permanet way of attaching it to your new rocks if you use them.

05 Apr 2008 - 22:032258
The hands look bandaged, so I'd go with that, but you can always buy some gloves and stitch the bandages onto them so you don't have to do it on the day.

07 Apr 2008 - 13:562269
Hi, Im new to all this but i think you should go with the new rocks, it'll look more industrial and mean like Houndoom. And the colour scheme is perfect.
You could use bandages that boxers use while traning to cover your hands and maybe give them a used look, or an ashy look, he is a fire n dark pokemon afterall.
I suppose it ought depends wether u want to go with a more cartoony look like the picture which is quite basic and maybe the amazon boots would be ok, but id definatly go with some kind of bandage for the hands.

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