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19 Apr 2010 - 17:3130156
From North!
Hey there, names Ciaran, 21 and in Scotland.
New to the cosplay world, but is something I decided to try out for halloween, and if the costume ends up good enough, other things too!
Decided I wanted to try a Snow Villiers costume, and knowing me I will be very picky about how it looks.

Currently working for Rolls Royce so will have a decent amount of money to funnel into the project!

Things I do in my spare time include:
Playing guitar, being in a band, cars, racing cars on track, MMA, football, American football, water sports, hurley, and gaming!

Will be on here now and again for tips and tricks and will look forward to getting to know some peeps, and maybe some local people!

19 Apr 2010 - 18:5830163
Welcome to CI =D
Snow is a pretty awesome costume for halloween
American Football sounds really interesting, I've never met anyone who's played it!

19 Apr 2010 - 19:1830168
YAY for scotland and welcome to the forums :0) Lovely meeting you *bows*

19 Apr 2010 - 19:2030169
Hi and welcome to CosplayIsland ^_^

CosplayIsland Staff Member

20 Apr 2010 - 08:0130198
Welcome to the site

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