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12 Apr 2010 - 22:4829774
Tinting a wig??
Is it possible to tint a wig? I have a good start with the copper wig I have just bought (for Florence cosplay)
but I'm feeling tempted to try adding a tint of red to it. I was thinking of watering down some artists acrylic red ink and then dunking the wig in the solution.

Would this tint the wig permenantly? The costume is brilliant white, so I can't have any red coming off the wig, red stains would ruin the cos.

..Or d'ya think it is better to just use the wig as is? :S

13 Apr 2010 - 06:4029785
I'm not sure...from what I've seen from one of the refs (the first one on the top left I think) the wig is perfect...but whether that's her true hair colour or just the lighting?

13 Apr 2010 - 07:0929786
As long as you're not trying to go lighter then its not a problem. Make sure you mix the ink with alcohol not water. You'll also want to do it outside unless you have a mask.
Put it on where you want then let it dry fully. Wash it out with cold water until it runs clear and you're set to go.
If you're aiming for tints rather than all over colour I would apply the dye with a brush rather than dunking or spray, you'll get much better control over where the dye goes then (its a thin mix so it can run easily).

13 Apr 2010 - 09:5229794
Freyarule - I've seen Florence with so many variations of red hair, right from washed out ginger to almost red. More recently she has hot copper red. It's like a redened ginger.
Although in the music vid I am thinkg of it is more ginger.

Sephnoire - thanks for the adv. Alcohol not water!? I am surprisd. I thought being acrylic ink it would be ok to water it down with water.. So alcohol - would I get this from say Boots the chemist?
Oh and yeah I mean an all over wash of red, to turn the copper into copper/red

13 Apr 2010 - 10:3629798
For wig dye you always want to go with alcohol as its used to soften the fibres so the pigment will take better. Water does nothing to the fibres so it just ends up sitting on top and washing or brushing off. The ink you use is actually the less important part as both inks and paints work perfectly fine, it does however mean you get a massive range of colours to choose from if you can't find it in one brand! ^^

Ah that's cool definitely don't need a brush for that. If you're going to be spraying, spray from the top and work down (be sure to work it in as the fibres will clump) then do a little extra on the top as it will run down so the roots can end up lighter. Dye baths can be a bit more difficult as it's not so easy to top up the roots and it does need to dye to successfully work so you can't just leave it in soak to try and get an even colour.
Definitely get gloves too! The alcohol makes it stupidly hard to get off any jewellery (like my now green engagement ring!), skin and especially finger nails!

Tbh I would get it from ebay. Places like boots sell it for a much higher price for a very small amount. I get mine from here:
They ship amazingly quick so I've never had to wait for more than 2 days for it to arrive. For a long wig you're going to need around 500ml but I always like to get a little extra just in case.

13 Apr 2010 - 18:3329829
Ahh great info, thanks for sharing.

Isopropyl alcahol - this is the stuff in car windscreen washers too. I know I've used this stuff to spray acrylic paint before.

I have an airbrush so I could spray the dye.. presumably I will need to lift the wig fibres in small clumps at a time so I can reach the underneath and get all around?

18 Apr 2010 - 17:2930054
I've heard of people that go over wigs with sharpie, I've heard that works really well.

19 Apr 2010 - 22:4730188
Oh yeah, thanks for that, HyperNightmare.

Maybe I'll try a lil sample. ..The main thing is, I reeeeeeeally don't want any colour coming off the wig onto my brilliant white chiffon. It has to be ultra-permenant on the wig!

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