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31 Mar 2010 - 11:1029083
I am doing a cosplay that involves a single red horn jutting from my forehead. I have been told that sofa foam and latex is the best thing to use. But I have never made anything like this before and I was wondering if I could get some hints and tips?
Like where would I buy sofa foam?
What type of paint should I use over the latex? etc.


31 Mar 2010 - 11:4429086
You can colour latex with acrylic paint.

Looking at your reference picture, I wouldn't use furniture foam, as unless you spend ages carving it very carefully, you are liable to end up with something that looks a little lumpy. I'd be tempted to look for something that shape in cardboard and then paint in acrylics and pva or latex cast from it.

01 Apr 2010 - 15:2129146
ahh, unicorn horns. one of the most annoying things to get to stay in place.

luckily, however, xae is on hand to exaplin how to make such a thing!

you can make the horn from anything. foam, card, cast latex, there's a dozen options. what it must be is LIGHT.

the big problem you'll come up against is keeping the thing in place. you can't just use prosthetic glue for something with such a small attachment area and big leverage ratio. so what you need to do is make an underwig mount for it. what you basiclly need to do is take a metal coat hangar, bend it into a straight rod, put a bend a few inches away from one end (this is where you will mount the horn) then you'll curl the rod over the top of your head to the base of your wig's back hairline. then with the remainder of the rod, bend it in a right angle one way, bend it back on itself in the opposite direction to the other ear, then clip off any excess with some wire cutters/a hack saw. you'll want to put some sort of cap on the end to stop the sharp metal hurting you!

finally, overcurl all the wire so it grasps your head (not too much though, or it'll start to dig) then mount your horn in the protruding tip, plop your wig over the frame and you're done! a perfectly hidden and sturdy frame to hold your lovely horn in place.

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