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20 Mar 2010 - 16:2528641
Opening Wig Commissions
Hello there everyone ^^

I am in need of Expo funds like most cosplayers and I came up with the idea of opening wig Commissions.

I am more involved with the spike style of wigs but I can do straight and long wigs and all that.

If you look on my costumes here on CI I have a small page with about 5 wigs on it. (Small I know since I've only just really started recording what wigs I style ^^)

We can do this one of two ways!
You can send in a base wig and I will style it.


You and I both pick a base wig (You pay for this) and I'll have it posted to me and I'll style it ^^

If you need wigs like Sora wigs then I know the perfect base wig and I can style Sora wigs a lot easier now since I'm always editing my Sora wig >D

Anyway what I will need from you is...

Anything you need?:
Do you have a base wig?:

Hope to have a business with you some time ^^ Enjoy!

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