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22 Mar 2008 - 17:452089
Rainbow Brite Group - Minami 2009
Anyone game?

I´ve wanted to do stormy for ages but it seems it would be pointless without the rest of the crew. So...who´be in??

22 Mar 2008 - 20:472091
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh i would so love to do a rainbow brite costume, only trouble is i dont think i'll be able to go minami ;_; i'd love to see some photos tho X3

~smarter than your average idiot!~
26 Mar 2008 - 09:482121
I'm interested.. it's been freakin' years since I've seen it so you made need to post me some pictors~

27 Mar 2008 - 00:102134
Haha I remember when I was desperate to do a La La Orange costume (WHAT A COW! XD)

I'm so tempted!

29 Mar 2008 - 18:342177
Yes!! Do it!

I'm sure if you said yes then others will follow

if anyone wants to know who the characters are

30 Mar 2008 - 01:592183
Was tempted by Buddy Blue a while back, just waiting for the day when a group would finally form...hmmmm!

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30 Mar 2008 - 19:492185
I've still got a couple of large cuddly toys of the sprites that could be used too.


30 Mar 2008 - 20:402186
loving the look of Sgt Zambo


Modified motor bike helmet here i come XD

Thats if you guys want me on board again

30 Mar 2008 - 21:372187
torn between moonglo and tickled pink

loving the perdy colors

gotta go with the pink dress i think

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31 Mar 2008 - 18:322189
I'll be Moonglo then

31 Mar 2008 - 18:442190
sweet!!! All are welcome!

Last group I did was X and that was years ago! Been gagging to do a massive group cosplay since and Raindbow Brite has awesome characters!

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