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16 Mar 2010 - 07:2828502
Where/when are some good conventions??
I'm new here I'm from the USA, but I just moved to Germany. I'm really interested in going to some conventions in the UK, but also in other parts of Europe as well! I love to travel and would like to hit as many cons as I can while I'm living here! So does anyone have any good recommendations? Where and when are the best conventions in Europe?

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16 Mar 2010 - 12:3028505
Personally, the best convention for me is Minamicon in Southampton, this time running in the middle of April. However, due to it's size, it's very hard to get into as places tend to go within the space of a few hours.

Website here: http://www.minamicon.org.uk/

There's Amecon running this summer, 13-15th of August, http://www.amecon.org.uk/ which has a few spaces left, and tends to run alternate years with Ayacon. Much bigger con, this year in a new venue.

There are a few newer cons springing up, Kitacon is two weeks away for example.

The of course there is London expo, running in May and October. Very different affair to the residential cons, but a massive gathering of cosplayers and this year hosting Eurocosplay, which should be exciting! http://www.mcmexpogroup.com/

16 Mar 2010 - 12:3428507
The first to spring to mind would be Amecon, but it depends how soon you'd want to go. It's in August, and it's the UK's biggest Anime Con.

http://www.amecon.org/ Is thier website, it might be more of a help then me! There are all of the dates up there, plus it's own Forum of other friendly con-goers!

Good luck finding a suitable con. They may not be massive but they're a hell of a lot of fun, and you can't beat the wonderful-ness of the community over here

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16 Mar 2010 - 13:3128508
Pretty much every good event here has been covered but I just wanted to add on that our cons works a bit differently to US cons in terms of membership. We have registration before a con only, no showing up on the day and getting a place unfortunately. A lot of cons this year are already fully booked. Amecon did just shift a couple of non-payers off the list so there might still be places there but if not there's a waiting list incase someone drops out.

Expo is the exception to this as you can buy tickets both before and on the day of the event. The lines do get quite long as the day goes on so it's best to come early to buy tickets!

17 Mar 2010 - 13:2928533
If you're after a big European con experience, I'd suggest Japan Expo, held in Paris, usually the first weekend of every June (I think - might be July). Unlike most UK cons, events only take place during the day, but it's also a great deal larger than anything we have to offer in Britain and people come from all over Europe.

It depends on whether you prefer the big events or the smaller, more intimate ones - if you want a pretty comprehensive list, this site has an "Events" tab up on the main menu which lists just about all of the UK-based events, which should all have their own websites that you can then check out

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