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15 Mar 2010 - 23:0128492
Xae's Bazaar - prices added!
yep, i'm being a bit spammy today.

HAVING A CLEAROUT! help me find new homes for my preloved stuff.

first up, some DS games! **note** some of these are american/japanese releases because i'm an impatient git and can't wait for UK releases like everyone else... ALL IMPORTS WORK ON UK DSes

from top left:

Phoenix Wright: ace attorney (UK release)
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (IMPORT! US release) SOLD!
Phoenix Wright: Justice for all (IMPORT! US release) SOLD!
Apollo Justice: ace attorney (IMPORT! US release) SOLD!
Bleach: the blade of fate (UK)
Castlevania: cawn of sorrow (UK)
Megaman ZX (UK)
Resident Evil: deadly silence (IMPORT! US release)
Jump Super Stars (IMPORT! Jap release NON ENGLISH (but still fun! think smash bros with shonen jump charas))

ALL DS games £10 each!

some DVDs!

Darker than Black vol 1&2
Doctor Who vol 1
Otogi Zoshi vol 1
Bleach Series 02 vol 01
.Hack//Sign vol 7
Witch hunter Robin Vol 4

ALL DVDs in this lot: £5 each

Ghost in the Shell & GitS2: Innocence
Deathnote Vol 1
Ouran Vol 1
Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig complete boxset
Wolfs Rain vol 4
Wolfs Rain vol 2

ALL DVDs in this lot £5 each, EXCEPT the GitS box set, which i'll ket go for £12

make offers and we can barter to an agreeable price, i'll weigh stuff as offers are made since multiple items will benefit from combined postage.

payments via paypal if possible, otherwise cash can be sent in a card.


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28 Mar 2010 - 22:5628954
added some prices, help me clear this stuff out folks!

13 Apr 2010 - 11:5229799
how much u want for the darker black dvd


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13 Apr 2010 - 19:4429830
Quote xEmikox:
how much u want for the darker black dvd

£5 + £1 p&p? it's new & sealed.

21 May 2010 - 21:5732449
will u take £6 for the bleach game?

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21 May 2010 - 22:2032454
Has GITS 2nd gig gone yet?

If not i'd like to buy it

21 May 2010 - 22:2432459
ryuuzaki: sure. will you be at expo? (will save on postage)

mike: unsure! keith said he wanted it, but never followed up. i'll snag him when he's next online.

21 May 2010 - 22:2732461
Do you still have Castlevania? If so I'd love to take it off your hands.

21 May 2010 - 22:4932463
i do! bring it to expo for you?

21 May 2010 - 22:5232464
Quote xaerael:
i do! bring it to expo for you?

Yay! I'm sure I'll find you there, but will PM you my mobile number just in case.

21 May 2010 - 22:5332465
No probs if keith called it first

if hes gone crazy and doesnt take you up on it let me know

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