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15 Mar 2010 - 21:1828488
Prop commissions open
okey dokey, last commission is out the way, and i'm opening up for a few props.

primarily melee weapons (swords, axes, etc) but i can be swayed by other items such as headgears or small pieces of non form fitting armour (eg, wrist armour) (form fitting armour is far to difficult to make without the wearer present for frequent sizing!)

ALL items will be made "con safe". If i feel i can not reproduce a prop in a safe format, i'll reject it. (note, this is personal policy).

PM me any requests. i'll endevour to not be overrun like i have been the past few times i've opened coms and reply asap.

i'm also considering opening for creature suit heads. if you have a query about an idea you have, PM me and we can talk about it. i can work in fur, latex, whatever really.

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