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20 Mar 2010 - 18:1328645
Mine is from the nickname my ex used to called me, Tsuki. It's also the name of one of my OCs =]

I also use mikarin sometimes too ^^ mainly because of my gravitation obsession XD

21 Mar 2010 - 15:3428671
Quote Sephirayne:
@Xaerael, Diablo fan Most excellent. I still play the first one on Playstation.

@Sands, love your response.

@TheMagicalLucy, also, brill response.

@MightmareWings, Yes, I've played Skies of Arcadia. Do I get 10 points, lol!

All such fab stories. I love to hear about how peeps come up with they're usernames/cosplay alias'.

In the entire time I've been anywhere near the internet I've onlly have three usernames/cosplay alias. Me, discovering the internet was a fair new thing even though I've been cosplaying for years (18). I only really made any big discovery of it during my uni years (1998-2003). I was aware of it before hand but never used it.

I was first Emmakilik when I first joined any form of site. Emma being my name and Kilik being my fav Soulcalibur character at the time (now its Raphael). I then become Legolassie Malfoy. I wanted to loose 'Emma' from my online name plus I wanted to change my name to something that I was cosplaying at the time. Both Lucius Malfoy and Legolas where my main costumes at the time. Both becoming well known on the sci-fi con scene. I then decided that I needed something that would suit my progression to anime/gaming cosplays that I could still use for sci-fi. 'Sephirayne' was born. 'Sephi' part being after Sephiroth. The 'rayne' part is less obvious. Its actually named after Rain Jewlett from the manga 'Immortal Rain'. One of my favourite charcaters (who I would love to cosplay one day but not sure if he would work as a cosplay). I originally was going to spell it 'Sephirain' but it looked odd so it got changed to 'Sephirayne'. I do love it as a cosplay alias as it works for all types of cosplay. Plus, its a name I've really grown to like so I now use it for all my online stuff as well as cosplay.

Wooaahh! Long post is ,,,er,,,, looonnnggg! *sips tea*.

You do get ten points and a cookie. Heh.

22 Mar 2010 - 19:3128741
Freyarule has been my username for loads of things since I can remember, like for almost 7 years now The Freya bit came from my fave FF character ever, Freya Crescent. It was originally supposed to be Freyarules, but someone had that username already when I first using it, so I shortened it for some reason...and yeah, Freyarule was born

22 Mar 2010 - 20:0328743
Well, mine's pretty much from my friends. Yeah, that insane lot!
My name's Emma, which somehow became Emu for some long forgotten reason and not long after, I began to dress like an emo and then my friend (nicknamed Abu xD) came up with Emo Emu. Soon after, as soon as they saw me coming they'd shout: "LOOK! Its the emo emu!" (me - *snorfle*)

And it stuck

Although now I wear gothic lolita so it doesn't really work anymore but ah well.

23 Mar 2010 - 20:2728797
Well i used to go by the name inkspell after my favorite book, then after a strange gakuen alice obsession i went to icealice (alices being the name of the powers they have, i really wanted an ice power) but i was never fond of these names and then the movie stardust came out and this is gonna sounds weird but i loved the typography on the posters and as stardust was clearly taken i made it stardustt which people shortened to dustt and yeah dusttee was born. I added the two e's cause dustt sounded a bit weird ^^'

14 Apr 2010 - 15:5529892
Well my name is Dan and I like Anthrax, the band, and one day a mate called me Danthrax, and I drive a Toyota MR2 Mk1 also know as AW11. I just used that on here as I'm on alot of car forums and I use it there too. So thats where mine comes from.

14 Apr 2010 - 16:1329893
Quote NightmareWings:
The first one was to do with a role play I used to do. She was called Arcadia (if you have played Skies of Arcadia ten points)

..Skies of Arcadia is by far, my most favourite RPG game, ever. <3

I tried explaining this many times but I can't get it to make sense D:
Ok *deep breath*
Favourite comic book character = Death from the Sandman comics
According to the comics, Death was called Teleute, by the Ancient Greeks. *sighs* there you go I did it, I'm so proud.

14 Apr 2010 - 17:2229894
Quote Teleute:
Quote NightmareWings:
The first one was to do with a role play I used to do. She was called Arcadia (if you have played Skies of Arcadia ten points)

..Skies of Arcadia is by far, my most favourite RPG game, ever. <3

I tried explaining this many times but I can't get it to make sense D:
Ok *deep breath*
Favourite comic book character = Death from the Sandman comics
According to the comics, Death was called Teleute, by the Ancient Greeks. *sighs* there you go I did it, I'm so proud.

Makes perfect sense to me and to both of you, Skies of Arcadia is AMAZING! Even better on the Gamecube ^_^

CosplayIsland Staff Member

14 Apr 2010 - 18:2729897
erm, well i couldn't think of a user name for my fanfic pen name back in year 8 (this was when i used 'yunie' in every username!) and so i typed my name into an al bhed translator XD and 'amayhun' has been used a lot ever since

14 Apr 2010 - 20:1729900
Such a great idea for a forum topic XDD

I hope I can win an award for 'most dull reason to latch onto a username'.

As most people who know me will testify, Ino is my favourite Naruto character. I like her because no one else seems to, and I love an underdog. X3 It's also short and sweet, which suits me better than a long fancy name. I used to use 'Mewt', but abandoned it in favour of Ino (in honour of the character in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance). I would change it, but I still like it and it's just STUCK. ._.

14 Apr 2010 - 21:4229912
Quote sjbonnar:
Makes perfect sense to me and to both of you, Skies of Arcadia is AMAZING! Even better on the Gamecube ^_^

And yes, I had it on the Gamecube, and I miss it so much D:
I wonder if I can find it again.....

19 Apr 2010 - 16:4530150
Quote Sands:
I like Sand

That is the most glorious thing I have read all day!

I have several names in the world of cosplay...

Arios Schiffer (cosplayisland): Arios was a name I invented a while back and Schiffer because of dearest Ulquiorra!

Sakanoue Ayame (cosplay.com): Is my name when I pen the stories to my mangaka friend's manga in Japan.

Mayuri sama (animeleague): Because of my rather infamous Kurotsuchi Mayuri cosplay. So Ino hunny, it's ok to have a kinda dull name. Means you're showing your love for a character. Good to see Ino get some support.

But most of my regular cosplay friends call me Kisuke kun because of my Urahara cosplay...

>_> jeez, I must be the most schizophrenic cosplayer!

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19 Apr 2010 - 19:1030166
Well, I always roleplayed and cosplayed as Draco Malfoy and it was and is just my nickname so it became my alias really as well as my cosplay name LOL.

03 May 2010 - 12:4031128
I used to go by Ganymede online, this was taken on the first UK anime forum I joined, so I used Takuro after the guitarist from Jrock band GLAY. The community shortened this to Tak (plus Takuro is a male name) and that stuck.

I'm more happy having my birth name Nia used nowadays and thanks to Gurren Lagann, most people think it's a handle anyway.

03 May 2010 - 13:5231132
It's actually my name now. I should probably just have it changed by deed poll.

It's not from Tokyo Mew Mew, if that's what you're thinking, I've been called Pudding since before that was even invented, man. They, like, totally stole my name. I was using it before it was cool.

OK, OK, I'll be serious now... maybe...

I really have been called Pudding for as long as I can rememeber and even before that probably. You know that nursery rhyme "Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie"? Well, my full and original nickname is Lalie Paley Pudding and Pie. It's a corruption of the name Eilidh, cos my baby brother couldn't say my name. It was shortened to Lalie/Paley Pudding or Lalie/Paley Pudpuds... ah, but how did people that were not my mum start calling me it?

Told a mate at school this story when we were discussing nicknames one day and she started calling me Pudding Pie. It got shortened to Pudding or Puds as it caught on. There are people who have never called me by my real name and think my parents were hippies or something. lol. Plus, there is more than one Eilidh (quel suprise!), so it's often easier to just answer to Puds.

Of course, it's a pretty obvious name, so it's often taken (though never at UK cons surprisingly... or not so far anyway... *shakes fist* stay off me lawn kids!). In those instances I try Pudding Pie and variations thereof. A couple of places I'm queenofpuddings (which is a type of dessert and not illusions of royalness on my part) or CakePirate(s). I like cake, I like pirates; fairly straightforward.

03 May 2010 - 18:2131139
I picked Koufuku because i was really into learning the japanese language and i typed in "50 common japanese words" into google. This one popped up and it means happiness. If it's taken i use the name Koufies. If that's taken i usually go by Kouf.

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06 May 2010 - 18:4831337
I have two

AngelOrNOT was born when one of my friends dared me to go into a church with the numbers 666 written on my arms (I'm an idiot so I did it ) and now it's just stuck....

The other alias is Ceci-marino where Ceci i short for Cecilia which is my first name ( my cousin thought Cecilia was too adult for me so he gave me the name and my family has called me that since) and marino is a parody of how people can't pronounce my name.

06 May 2010 - 19:0531340
Mines pretty lame tbh!

Well on most things I am floweroftheslum, because of my love with Aeris ahah!I find it awfully long to type in things though and people often link me to Aeris and Final Fantasy without getting to know me first which is sometimes lame.

So I tried to be creative for CSI I like people who make amazing knicknames or play with there names. An example, my bfs was scuzzlebump which I think is amazing but I'm not that clever haha.

I love the Resident Evil games and so happened came across the back of Claire Redfield's jacket and I just love the saying of "Let me Live", it has so many meanings and I just loved it. Also the lyrics feature on my favourite band Flyleaf on the song "I'm so sick".

So yeah pretty boring compared to everyone elses lovely stories!


"Home could be anywhere when I am holding you...♥"
14 May 2010 - 13:3731918

I used to be a pottertard. hurr hurr hurr

People usually call me Joey while cosplaying. I usually fake to have a Brooklyn Rage and tell them I'm friggin Katsuya...><
Sometimes "King". I like it when people do that. ^o^

14 May 2010 - 20:0231947
Mine has its base in one of my favourite series, Trinity Blood.

I have more than a passing resemblance to Tres Iqus (and Siegfried from Soul Calibur) so I decided to cosplay him. That plus the Equilbrium reference makes this guy cool. Anyway, Tres is one of ten "Killing Doll" mechanical soldiers created by a Vatican scientist.

So that, along with a few other factors, is how I came to use theKillingDoll as my alias.

Somehow it's reassuring knowing I'm not the only one pretending to be normal
14 May 2010 - 22:2331954
Reizo is a Japanese name and translates as cool, calm and well-groomed ... I have a reputation for Nice Hair so i saw it as fitting its also my OC's name which is Reizo Akuzo which translates as Well-groomed and Evil XD or so i hear ... Cus you can be Attractive and Evil!

14 May 2010 - 22:5931955
Random colour, random Aeon...

I want Awesome McLegend, obviously very appropriate, but I am informed by Kat that this is not so...

What is a man?
17 May 2010 - 10:2632117
Mine used to Be miss-unlimited cause i fell in love with Final Fantasy Unlimited, and its my allias on Crunchyroll and a guy on there gave everyone his own personal nickname and he gave me the name Spicecake and its been that evar since that was 3 years ago now ....o.O i had no idea its been that long

21 May 2010 - 21:2332457
I have too many;

Tora - I love Dora the explorer, Sora and tigers and Tora means Tiger in japanese so we all said Tora.

Izone - Combination of My real names/shortened names. Like Iz or Izzle.

Pliccy/Plicca - My dad walked rond in house calling me a 'Picky flicker' and he said it too fast and started to shant 'plicky picka' and Pliccy and plicca sond awesome so there like cone names in the hose though my dog barks at my dad when my dad says Plicca odly o.0

The reason behind my names are really boring. XD
Oh and;
Om_Nom_Nom - the day i made this account i had multiple spit takes at school due to my friend chanting OmNomNom while i was nomming on my sammich! >D

05 Jun 2010 - 10:1633526
Argent because my first cosplay in 07 was meant to be Argent from Teen Titans...it never happened, the fabric is sitting in my wardrobe somewhere. I'm thinking of changing it tbh, to start over fresh.

Embrace your dreams, and protect your honour.
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