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03 Mar 2010 - 23:0828023
Hat Commissions
Hello, I've started creating hat commissions recently. They have been quite popular amongst my friends. I decided to post on here so a wider audience, please commission hats from me

Simple hat £10
~These are basic hats with just ears

More complicated £15-19
~These are hats which may have facial features, more colours and/or patterns

Overly complicated hats £20+
~These will be hats with many patterns or complicated designs.(or use alot of material)

Comment or message me if intrested
If interested contact me saying what you would like as a hat. I will give you the price I am willing to make the hat for.
Money must be received before work begins on hat.This saves me buying material then you not wanting it.^^;

Paypal and cheques or Money (sent at own risk) are acceptable.


Uk shipping-£2 and more items you buy, shipping will only go up by 50p for each extra hat.
(Overseas would be more. I need to look it up)
All shipping will be first class, but not recorded/special delivery unless you want to pay extra for it.

Examples can be found here:

Come and Join the UK Touhou Project Fans

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