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24 Feb 2010 - 15:1427745
Wig, fabrics and other!
The Ouran High School Host Club patch!
This is a patch that you can easily fit on fabric with the iron!
The price is 3£, shipping included

Reno(ff VII advent children)Keyring
The price is 2£, shipping included

Light Blue wavy wig(great for mermaid)(I buyed to make Djibrill, but I never used it)
The price is 10£ shipping included

Red brocade with black flowers made in italy
15£ shipping included
Measurement: 200cm x 98cm

Fabric cotton with cow spot
I buyed this in switzerland and I made my woody's costume with this
10£ shipping included
Measurement: 105cm x 185cm

Manga Wild Adapter 1 by Kazuya minekura(saiyuki), original japanese, buy at Tokyo some years ago
Excellent condition
8£ shipping included

My alice in wonderland costume!
I won a special award some years ago with this costume and our group from Kingdom Hearts!
In great condition, size is an italian 46, a 14 for UK
You can take the Blue dress and the white apron
If you need, I send more pictures
price is 25£

Colours for fabric
There are two little bottle of colour for fabric, the colours are Orange and Cyclamen(like purple)
I open just to test the colour, so are brand new!
2£ each one

Fan book from "The prince of tennis"
Attention!It's in japanese!And have mature and yaoi content!
Today's kitty (OhishixKikumaru)


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