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21 Feb 2010 - 13:4927560
Asuka Langley - Neon Genesis Evangelion
I need help finding Asuka's Head Interface. Kind of kicking myself as there were a bunch of them sold on ebay (both UK and US)about a month ago or so. I'd be really grateful if anyone could show me where I could get them.


21 Feb 2010 - 19:5527571
i think i know what you mean, they look like hai clips?
that site has a whole evangelion section so yeah

21 Feb 2010 - 20:5127573
Ahh... thank you. Just bouth the clips, now need to find a plugsuit that's not going to over spend my budget, lol.

01 Mar 2010 - 23:3327912
Ahh...damn ebay people. I had my eye on a Asuka plugsuit and the seller took it off the market. I've had a look at milanoo.com and they've got a reasonably priced one, but it doesn't really match up to design seen in the anime. Has anyone got any site suggestions (reasonably priced >_<.

02 Mar 2010 - 08:3327924
Well, yet again CosplayMagic have very, very good ones, but they are rather expensive. I would say still try ebay, becuase sellers in China and Taiwan don't always list the item under the correct name, and I would definitley try looking on the ebay shops, as they tend to have Evangelion stuff at reasonable prices. I know that SmartCosplayer had Shinji and Rei plugsuits, but I can't remember if there was an Asuka plugsuit or not, althought the Rei one was labbled as Asuka's plugsuit. Hope this helps.

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